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The International Court System

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The Pikes Peak Empire

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of those in our community through fundraising and volunteer efforts. 

Our State Events

Winter Cotillion

Prince/Princess Royal Ball

Black and White Ball


The History

The History

How did we start this State Event?

Coronation used to be in June. Summer was the end of the year instead of the middle. Winter Cotillion was originally a Christmas time function to raise money and collect toys for needy children.

See Empress VII, Fran’s proclamation.

Emperor Bill and Empress Fran changed the event to be a Winter Cotillion. There were to be contestants for Prince and Princess of Snow.

As the years went on, Winter Cotillion became scheduled in the beginning of the year. Coronation had moved to November to be more cost effective. Now, the Christmas season was really close to the new Monarchs stepping up. There was still the need to celebrate Investitures. Therefore, Winter Cotillion ended up marking the end of the first quarter of the year.

In recent years Winter Cotillion has been scheduled in late February and early March. Monarchs know it cannot be scheduled after the 22nd of March, the first day of Spring. The event has been more of a challenge recently because Denver and Colorado Springs have enjoyed attending Seattle’s Coronation. Our Texas brothers and sisters also enjoy our visits to Houston. There has always been scheduling issues with all the State Functions, but Winter Cotillion has endured the most changes.

Winter Cotillion is also the event where the Monarchs from the year before announce the funds raised during their reign. With the help of the Treasurer, the Monarchs from the previous year are able to close the financial books of their reign and donate funds to the community. Between November and February, all the bills are paid and the accounting is balanced with the bank and the community.


The Debutant Ball

The Debutante Ball

Winter Cotillion is now traditionally a Debutante Ball.

Since Reign VII, the Debutantes have been people in the community who were new to the Court. Not everyone has to be young like other Debutantes. But, the contestants are encouraged to make the event their “Coming Out” party to the Court. Coming out as a member of our organization is different from coming out of the closet. We are non-discriminatory, and we want the entire community to feel a part of our success. The new Debutantes get to meet new people and learn from the experienced line members and Regents.

The Prince and Princess of Snow Competition has rules.

    • A Debutante wears a white dress, regardless of gender.
    • The Debutante is escorted by an Escort, wearing a suit or tuxedo, regardless of gender.
    • The Debutante cannot talk out right. The Escort walks around the room introducing the Debutante to guests. After the Debutante is introduced, she is allowed to carry on a conversation.
    • At the end of the first set, the candidates for Prince and Princess of Snow waltz.
    • After the waltz, the candidates sell raffle tickets for charity. The raffle prizes vary each year.
    • Usually, there are secret judges picked by the Monarchs who vote on which couple did the best job during the evening.
    • The Prince and Princess are crowned before the last performances of the evening.

The Prince and Princess of Snow use their titles for one (1) year, or until the next Winter Cotillion. Many past recipients of the award have moved on to higher office. It is not a lifetime title. This pageant is a stepping stone towards achieving larger responsibilities.

We encourage our community to get involved and strive for greatness while having fun doing so.

The History

The History

How did we start this State Event?

Coronation used to be in June. Investitures was scheduled to be held in the mountains about one month later. See Article X with Cliff May’s proclamation. The PR’s originally were in charge of putting together this event.

See Empress V, Lady Bubbles’ proclamation. She gave the PR’s an event that honored them the eve of Investitures. For many years, this was a tradition for PR Ball. Several other Courts also schedule their PR Ball up to 45 days after Coronation.

PR Ball was where the funds from the previous reign were dispersed. Later, as Winter Cotillion moved, so did the Presentation of the Funds.

PR Ball was it’s own State Function that celebrated their work throughout the year. Over time the PR’s became in charge of acclimating the new Monarchs to their new year.

During Reign XXVI, the PR’s opted to have their step down be during Coronation. PR Ball had been held at hotels, and the economy was starting to decline. PR Ball grew less cost-effective than in the past. The PR’s were added to the stepping down pin for the first time ever. Then, in Reign XXIX, the PR’s were added again to the pin, and the process became a new tradition.

PR Ball became PR Function, held about 45 days before Coronation. There was a lot of debate if it was still to be a State Function. PR Function was held at different bars and was able to become profitable for the community.

During Reigns XXXV and XXXVI, PR Function was an object of debate again. Our Mother Court, the Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire, had just recently changed their PR Ball to occur Coronation weekend. PR Function was still organized as a ball, just like Winter Cotillion and Black and White Ball. Since the economy during the Reigns had been declining, most of the state functions were held in bars that could accommodate the number of guests.

PR Function became the start of the Campaign Season for the upcoming reign. This is the first major event for the Candidates to participate. In the past, the mandatory Candidate event, Aspen Run was held the Sunday afterwards. Because Coronation is November, now, and PR Function has been held in September, the Campaign Season is conveniently given regal bookends.

There were so many questions about the relevance of the title of PR Ball versus PR Function. Finally, during a General Membership meeting during Reign XXXVII, PR Function was officially named PR Ball again. The PR’s were still to step down with the Emperor and Empress as well as the names of the PR’s on the stepping down pins. The PR’s are given one command performance each during Coronation as well.

Out of all the State Functions, PR Ball has evolved the most.


The Prince and Princess Ball

The Prince and Princess Royal

Emperor Emeritus II, Cliff May, proclamated the roles and the Prince and Princess Royal. The PR’s were to create Investitures, to be organized somewhere in the mountains no later than 45 days after Coronation. He also said that their reign was to be between each Investitures ceremony. Emperor Emeritus III, Jim Brazell, proclamated the reign of the Prince and Princess, giving more detail to the roles.

The Prince and Princess are at the behest of the Emperor and Empress. Traditionally, the PR’s do not command the rest of the line. Emperor Emeritus XI, Duane Thompson, proclamated the positions of Crown Prince and Crown Princess who are charged with helping the PR’s with PR Ball, along with other responsibilities.

It is a great honor to stand behind the stepping down PR’s during Coronation. PR’s from different realms who attend our Coronation stand behind them as well, regardless of their current positions.

Some people chose not be a Prince or Princess Royal. Some people have been Prince or Princess more than once. It is a lifetime position with an alumni of talented and dedicated Monarchs.

The History

The History

How did we start this State Event?

Coronation used to be in June. Dorothy Brown supported the court in its early years. She is one half of the Steve and Dorothy Humanitarian Award. When she died, she was laid to rest the first day of Spring.

See Empress VI, Tracy’s proclamation. She created a State Function in honor of Dorothy Brown.

At the end of Empress VIII, Lyda Rose’s, reign, the Dorothy Brown function was changed to “Black and White Ball.” The event was still scheduled very close to Spring. Winter Cotillion was still occurring near Christmas time.

However, after Coronation was moved to November, it was difficult to schedule Black and White Ball in the Spring since Winter Cotillion and Investitures were already moved to the first part of the Imperial year. Black and White Ball ended up moving to the summertime, marking the end of the second quarter for the Monarchs.

Black and White Ball has kept to the tradition of honoring the King Father and Queen Mother. The titular heads of the Council of Regents are seated in the Emperor and Empress thrones, moving their Majesties to the PR thrones. Funds are still raised for our Seasoned Citizens of Southern Colorado through the different organizations we serve.

Recently, since Black and White Ball is scheduled near June, the newly elected Monarchs from our Mother Court, the Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire, have their first in-state walk, sometimes, their first out-of-realm walk.


King Father and Queen Mother

The King Father and Queen Mother

The King Father and Queen Mother are elected by the Regents to serve as the titular heads of the Council of Regents. They offer advice to anyone who seeks it, but primarily, the current reigning Monarchs. As experienced Monarchs, themselves, they serve as a safety net for the current reign.

The King Father and Queen Mother sit on the thrones during Black and White Ball. In the past they have been involved with the theme of the event.

Emperor Emeritus XIII, Danny Entler proclamated the process for selecting the King Father and Queen Mother. See hisproclamation.

The History

The History

How did we start this State Event?

Coronation is the last event of the Imperial year. It celebrates the birthday of the Court. The Monarchs have worked hard all year, and they step down with their friends and family from all over the Imperial Court System. Right now, the UCPPE celebrates an entire weekend of events.

Coronation Weekend is also the start of the new year for the next Reign. The newly elected Monarchs are brought into the ballroom and crowned at the end of the event.

Coronation had been scheduled in June during the first years of the Court. Coronation was cost effective during the days before summer began. However, Colorado Springs is known for its resorts and sunshine during the summer. Hotels grew to be more expensive during the summer.

Coronation was moved to November. The event has been enjoyed with both comfortable and inclement weather. But, because of talented people, the event has been a success and affordable for both the organizers and the guests.

Coronation is a chance for the Monarchs to honor their friends that have been inspirational throughout the year. These guests are Command Performers. They perform at different parts of the evening. Since Reign XXXI, the UCPPE allows for only ten command performers to have appropriate time management throughout the event.

Coronation is an event where the community sees the results of Voting Day. There is a new Emperor and Empress, but there are also new Members at Large for the Board of Advisors.


Coronation Facts

  • Coronation was originally in June.
  • Coronation was held in several hotels for many years.
    • During Reign XXIV Coronation was held at the Sheraton. During Reign XXXI, the Sheraton changed to the Crown Plaza hotel. Coronation has been hosted by this hotel for over ten years. The hotel itself has become a tradition.
  • Coronation is a Board Function
    • Coronation is supervised by the Board of Advisors. Just like other State Functions, Coronation is started by a greeting from the President of the Board of Advisors. The Monarchs appoint a Coronation Coordinator to make sure the event runs smoothly. Once the event starts, the Monarchs are on the Dias and have no time to make any other planning decisions.
  • Coronation Weekend
    • The In-Town Show, usually the Thursday before
    • Friday, The Out of Town Show and Bus Tour
    • Saturday, Coronation
    • Sunday, Victory Brunch

The In-Town Show

Usually, the Thursday before Coronation, the In-Town Show is chance for the Monarchs to honor all the people who helped them with their year in the Realm. Awards and Certificates are given out to In-Town Regents and Line Members.

Out Town Show and Bus Tour

The Out of Town Show had been in the hotel for some years, but the space needed along with the cost became too cumbersome. During Reign XXXIV, the Progressive Out of Town Show was developed where the Out of Town guests performed at the bars on the Tour.


Coronation starts at 5:00pm. Colorado Springs has prided itself on hosting a buffet dinner where guests start eating an hour before the event starts. After the traditional opening ceremonies, guests are welcome to continue eating from the buffet until the end of second set. The guests are able to see talented Command Performers, witness the majesty of In-Town and Out-of-Town walks of Regents, Businesses and Organizations. The Monarchs give out Lifetime Awards and have one last evening sitting on the Imperial thrones. The newly elected Monarchs are crowned at the end of the event.

Victory Brunch

Victory Brunch is the Sunday afterwards. Colorado Springs has prided itself on hosting an omelet bar and breakfast buffet. We invite our guests to attend the buffet first, and the event is designed to be both comfortable as well as elegant. The stepping down Monarchs give out more awards to in-town and out-of-town guests. The newly elected Monarchs are given a chance to welcome their new Reign. They announce their reign theme, colors, and the theme and date of their stepping down Coronation. In recent years, the Emperor and Empress of the new year also dub their new Prince and Princess Royal.

The Board of Advisors



Emperor XXXVII
Carroll Hillebrand

Vice President


Emperor XXV
Ralph Chapman



Prince Royal XIX
Marlow Anderson

Recording Secretary


Emperor XXXIV
Sean Gooden

Emperor 41 & Empress 41


Empress XLI and Emperor XLI
Koriandir Xaris and Water Xaris

Co Council to the Regents

Emperor 40 & Empress 40


Empress XL and Emperor XL
Shelby Moorehead and Travis Henderson

Corresponding Secretary

head shotEileen

Corresponding Secretary

Duchess Eileen Healy

Membership Chair


Prince Royal XLI
Chris Morgan

Member at Large



Tabethia Gooden Ashley

Member at Large


Grand Duchess
Antoinette Lily

The Legal Stuff

Our Bylaws


Our Policy Manual

Policy Manual

UCPPE Application for Office

UCPPE Application for Office