1. In Memory of Lord Protector: Sylvester Batton

2. Imperial Godmother; Mother Suprema: Billie Cassandra

3. Father of the Court: Chuck

4. Artist of the Realm: Dennis Lujan

5. The First Ebony Prince for Life: David “Sugar Bear” Connors

6. The Glitter Stallion Prince: Ricky Montoya

7. The Dragon Prince and Pillar of the Empire: Joe Brady

8. In Memory of the Dragon Prince and Pillar of the Empire: Tom Gehling

9. Lady Protector of the Throne for Life: Lily Langtree

10. Queen Grandmother for Life: Lily Langtree

11. First Lady to Emperor 7 for Life: Jaydenne

12. The Living Legend of All Legends to All Empresses for Life: Tracy Dianne

13. The Imperial Minister of Patience and Support for Life: Chris West

14. The Imperial Minister of Friendship: Bruce Mitchell

15. Rainbow Cowboy of Longevity: Norm Relaford

16. In Memory of the Prince of Love and Dedication for Life: Ed Sells

17. Count of Nobility for Life: Greg Varner

18. Prince of the Realm for Life: David Bartlet

19. Protector and Defender of the Court’s Artistic Values and Standards for Life: Ken Barker

20. The Diamond Dolphin of Excellence and Energy for Life: Doug Lewis

21. Imperial Grand Duke for Life to Empress 24: Lowe Graver

22. Imperial Grand Duchess for Life to Empress 24: Mikala Rah

23. Czarina of Strength and Dedication for Life: Susan Quilleash Murphy McEntire

24. Grand Papa for Life to all of the United Court of the Pikes Peak Empire: Michael Graczyk

25. In Memory of Former King Fathers of the United Court of the Pikes Peak Empire: John Renn, Geno Riddle

26. In Memory of Honarary Empress for Life: Causha Lee Victoria

27. Mother to All Empresses for Life: Arial Lee McEntire

28. Grand Duke for Life to Empress 27: Paul Parson

29. Grand Duchess for Life to Empress 27: Monica

30. Daddy Bruce for Life: Bruce Littrell

31. The Sterling Silver Guardian of Courage for Life: Don Lacey

32. The Fire and Ice Phoenix for Life: Michael Cornejo

33. Ruby Red Raspberry Prince for Life: Rett Chandler Rasberry

34. Mom to UCPPE for Life: Nancy Davenport

35. Emerald Eyed White Tigress of Family and Devotion: Cassidy Rose

36. Black Pearl of the Southern Orient: Destiny Ashley Gideon

37. Entertainer to all Emperors and Empress for Life In and Out of Realm: Lauren Ashley

38. The Imperial Jewel of Personality: Gigi Rae

39. Devine Slipper of Elegance: Fontana Devine

40. Lord Protector of Empress’s for Life: Emperor 26, Jack Murphy

41. Mother to all Court Members for Life: Patricia Rothblatt

42. Mother to all Empress’s for Life: Cindy Lopez

43. The Black Onyx Wolf, Lord Protector of all Colorado’s Emperor’s Courage for Life: AJ Miller

44. Defender of the Rights and Honor of Southern Colorado GLTB Community for Life: The Honorable Marylou Makepeace.

45. Papa to All Empresses for Life: Ralph Chapman

46. Papa for Life to All Emperors for Life: Ralph Chapman

47. The Legendary Guardian and Protector of the Emperors Hopes, Dreams and Reality: Brandi East

48. The First Imperial Princess of Love, Laughter and Life: Rachel East

49. Keeper of Empress XXXII’s Heart: Roy Merkle

50. Lion Prince for Life: Anthony Garcia

51. Lord and Master of Strength and Devoted Service to Mankind: David Sellon

52. Lord and Master of Service and Devotion to the United court of the Pikes Peak Empire: Ralph Chapman

53. Driver to All Empresses for Life: James Gideon

54. Lord and Master of Strength and Determination: Mark Merriman

55. The Lord of Mirth and Devoted Friendship for Life: Kirk Lizusso

56. The Lord of Undying Service and Excellence for Life: Rick Rhody

57. The Guardian Angel of the Peak and to Southern Colorado Empresses for Life: Sophia DeVille

58. The Imperial Shinning Star of Devotion for Life: Star Kirkland

59. Royal Son to Emperor 35 for Life: Tori Cuddigan

60. Son-In-Law to Emperor 35 for Life: Travis Henderson

61. Prince and Adopted Son to Empress 35 for Life: Anthony Merkle

62. The Imperial Knight of Strength and Courage to Empress 35 for Life: Creede McQueen

63. Imperial Mentor to Emperor 36 for Life: Charlie Davenport

64. Imperial Daughter of Loyalty to Emperor 36 for Life: Joan Paul

65.Imperial Gentleman of Commitment and Compassion to the UCPPE for Life: Travis Henderson

66. Protector to Empress 37s Heart for Life:  Erin Plant

67. Blazin’ 7 and Citizen for Life of UCPPE:  Scott Kenyon

68. Godmother of Wisdom and Song for Life of the UCPPE: Misty Price

69. Pikes Peak Oxygen Keeper, the Honorable Prince Royal for Life to all UCPPE Emperors: Brendan Gonzales

70. Yellow Sock Emperor, Soul, Keeper and Protector of Their Majesties of Reign 38 of the UCPPE: Louis Kenmar

71. Imperial Titanium Gentleman of the UCPPE for Life: Chris Morgan

72.Imperial Royal Mother of Devotion to the UCPPE for Life: Patsy Henderson

73.The Fiery Fox Empress of Unwavering Love to UCPPE for Life: Tracey Willingham

74.The Benevolent and Inspiring Empress of to UCPPE for Life: Gabbriella But’zin