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About the Court – Our History

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The International Court System

We are a proud member of the ICS.  Learn more about how everything got started and how our other chapters are doing!

The Pikes Peak Empire – Our Current Reign

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of those in our community through fundraising and volunteer efforts. Our members raise money throughout the year for various charities and then disburse funds at the Winter Cotillion state event.  

Our State Events

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Winter Cotillion

Prince/Princess Royal Ball

Black and White Ball


The Board of Advisors


Board of Advisors for Reign 47

Mesha Narie Fierce BOA President

Mesha Narie FiercePresident


Roy Merkle Vice-President

Sean Andrews

Sean Andrews Treasurer

Ed Sanders Webmaster

Ed Sanders Recording Secretary

Emperor 47 Steven Grantham

Steven Grantham Emperor 47

Hysteria Brooks Empress 47


Position Open Member at Large – Games Chair

sean boa public relations

Sean Goodin Member at Large – Public Relations Chair

Autumn Quinn Member at Large – Membership Chair


Position Open Corresponding Secretary

Matt Gomez Regents Co-Counsel

The Legal Stuff

Our Bylaws


Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Our Policy Manual

UCPPE Policy Manual

UCPPE Application for Office

thumbnail of UCPPE Application for Office

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