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August 21st 2019, United Court Pikes Peak Empire Board of Advisors meeting

BOA present: Sean Gooden – President; Water Xaris – Vice President; Mesha Narie Fierce – Secretary; Dan Alexander – Treasurer; Candy Rose – Public Relations; Ed Sanders – Corresponding Secretary, Darryl Alexander – Membership Chair; Anka Shane – Empress 43; Antoinette Lilly – Empress 42, Hospitality (present for Candidate Review only)

Other members present: Adriane Powers – Empress 38


Candidate Review: 6:07pm

There were three potential candidates for Royal positions, all three were accepted to run for candidacy. Four potential candidates for Member at Large, with three being accepted for candidacy. Candidates will be announced at the PR Ball. Candidate Review closed at 8:17pm


Call to order: 8:17pm; Sean Gooden, President, presided the meeting.

Dan moved to accept July’s BOA minutes, Darryl second. With no further discussion, motion carried.

President Report- No significant activity to report

Vice President Report – No significant activity to report

Secretary Report – No significant activity to report

Treasurer Report – Dan presented the breakdown of the finances. Dan requested to waive the bar show funds of the 20 percent charge, Water motioned to move the request, and Dan second, discussion held. Motion carried. Mesha motioned to accept the Treasurers report, Darryl second, motion carried.

Committee Report – No significant activities to report.

State of the Reign Report – Anka Shane detailed latest events and upcoming events. Made an appearance at Pueblo Pride. Anka has completed all traveling and is focused on Coronation.

State of the Regents Report – Plans to have a menu for the food for Coronation. Needs assistance for the preparation and setup.

Old Business – Water motioned to approve a discounted ticket price for the Inside/Out Youth members and/or under the age of 21 for Coronation Saturday of $20, second by Dan, after discussion, all were in favor, motion carried. Dan motioned to expand $5 for youth under the age of 21 for PR Ball, Water second, after discussion, all were in favor, motion carried.


New Business – PR Ball will be August 24th, $15 for members, $20 for non-members. Doors open at 5:00pm, event starts at 6:00pm. Candidate campaign show will be held September 14th. All Royal candidates show will be held October 25th. Pueblo voting for Candidates will be held October 26th and Colorado Springs voting October 27th.


With no further business to discuss, next BOA meeting is set for September 21st at 1:00pm. Meeting adjourned at 8:56pm.

Meeting Minutes

august 2019board of advisorsmeeting minutes

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