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It is with great sadness and sympathy that I have to report the passing of Princess Royal XXII and XXX, Fefe Charles Litter, a.k.a. Michael Tomlinson.

There were so many people who know Fefe in the UCPPE as well as Colorado Springs and all across this great land. The joy she brought to so many of us these many, many years has been a bright light leading us through many years of darkness and uncertainty. There are so many beautiful moments, hilarious memories and inspirational stories that were shared between Fefe and her community where ever she lived and loved.

Let us please remember the countless times she touched our hearts with her energy and humor.  Fefe had been such a positive force for those of us just starting our new lives, and she gave people hope that they could be anyone they wanted to be.

I will certainly remember all my times working with her through our charity. I am grateful that I was fortunate to be her friend, and I hope that all of you think fondly of your time with her.

We are going to have a Celebration of Life Ceremony, Sunday, May 27th, at 11:00am at Club Q. We would like to sync our ceremony with the observance in Las Vegas, Nevada, that will occur at 12:00pm, PST. We are releasing our balloons at 2:00pm MST.

Our dear friend, Amy Kahlberg will be providing opening remarks for us to reflect on our memories of Fefe Charles Litter, and, then, we will open the floor to others would like to speak about how their lives were affected by our beloved princess. We are live streaming this event to coincide with the gathering in Las Vegas.

Please come to see us and share our united love, care and reverence for Fefe Charles Litter.


Sean Lawrence Gooden
Emperor Emeritus XXXIV
President of the Board of the Advisors of
The United Court of the Pikes Peak Empire



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