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There are two ways to login or register for our site.  One way is to use a username and password to login, but why do it that way? There is an easier way to login to our site.  Just use your favorite social media account, like Facebook, Twitter or Google+.



All you do is click on the login tab of the Forum Menu, then click on the button to login with your favorite social media account.  Once you click on the button corresponding to your social media account you wish to login with, you will be presented with an authorization screen. 

You may need to login to your social media account if you are not already signed in with your browser.  Simply authorize the app to parse your information, and then you will be directed back to UCPPE.org to where you left off in the forums.  Our links to privacy policy/terms of service are available on this screen...


To logout, just click the Logout tab on the Forum Menu.

Cheers, Ed



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