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Who are the lifetime award recipients?  


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Here are all of the Lifetime Award Recipients by the award:

Aurora Borealis Awards

Ralph Chapman 1996

Richard Blair 1996

Lisa Jo 1997

Ralph Chapman 1998

Bernice Litter 1999

Tim Myers 2000

Mark Merriman 2001

Tim Myers 2002

Mitchell Camp 2003

Don Lacey 2004/2005

Rick Rhody 2004/2005

Marlow Anderson 2006

Stacy Miller 2007

Marlow Anderson 2008

Sean Gooden 2009

Kassondra McEntire 2010

Ralph Chapman 2011

Michael Cornejo 2013

Antoinette Lily 2014

Shelby Givin Moorhead 2015

Chris Morgan 2016

Diamond of Excellence

Ralph Chapman 2005

Don Lacey 2007

Rick Rhody 2007

Ralph Chapman 2008

Ralph Chapman 2009

Ralph Chapman 2010

Nona Capace 2011

Messy Panocho 2013

Sade 2013

Leandra Ledbetter 2014

Shelly (Tabitha) Voorhes 2016

Spirit Within Awards

Joe Brady 2001

Marlow Anderson 2003

Briette Marie 2005

Gary and Kelly 2006

Leandra Ledbetter 2008

Sable Gordon 2009

Michael Cornejo 2010

Naomi Valenzuela 2012

Zoey Diddim 2013

Michael Gaffney 2014

Jim JT Wilson 2014

Kassondra McEntire 2016

Lord of Strength and Honor Awards

Rick Rhody 2001

Marc Callan 2003

Tim Parham 2004

Bill Wendt 2005

John Lendenmann 2006

Bruce Littrell 2009

Ralph Chapman 2010

Don Lacey and Rick Rhody 2011

Rett Rasberry 2012

Justin Price 2013

Darrin hatch 2013

Tom Bledsoe 2014

Marlow Anderson 2014

Sainthood Awards – Empress

Marion Muhme 1997

Rick Rhody 1998

Brian Weisecamp 1999

Ralph Chapman 2000

Rick Rhody 2001

Jack Murphy 2003

Don Lacey 2004

Ghetta Cannon 2005

Marlow Anderson 2006

Stacy Miller 2007

Viki Brown 2008

Dorian Lord 2009

Kassondra McEntire 2009

Marie Wagner 2010

Marlow Anderson 2011

Audrey Anderson 2011

Sharin Peters 2013

Judy McKay 2014

Leandra Ledbetter 2016

Sainthood Awards – Emperor

Mark Merriman 2001

Mark Merriman 2002

Ronda Recoverree 2003

Brad Busby 2004

Greg Brockman 2005

Rett Rasberry 2006

Brett Garrity 2007

Olivia Ryanne McEntire 2009

Duane Thompson 2010

Adraine Powers 2012

Sean Gooden 2013

Chase Whitmore 2014

Duane Thompson 2014

Ramiyah Devereaux 2016

The Regent’s Award
This award is given annually by vote of the Council of Regents, to honor that regent who has done the most for the Court in the previous year.

Mark Merriman 2004

Jack Murphy 2004

Rick Rhody 2005

–No Award– 2006

Doug Lewis 2007

Audrey Anderson 2008

Don Lacey 2009

Marlow Anderson 2009

Duane Thompson 2010

Sean Gooden 2011

Nona Capace 2012

Sable Gordon 2013

Sean Gooden 2014

The John Renn Award
The regents vote each year on the performer of the year, with particular emphasis on live performance. The award honors King Father John Renn, an accomplished dancer and live performer.

Roxie 1990

Sasha Dior 1991

Tammy-Lynn Noel 1992

Misty McCrae 1993

Chris Lee 1994

David Corder 1995

Bruce Littrell and Bobby Hamlin 1996

Lori Adams 1997

Tony Babbin 1998

Charlie Davenport 1999

The Lezbos 2000

Arch Hooks and Lauren Ashley 2001

Sasha D’Ore 2002

–No Award– 2003

Marc Callan 2004

Ghetta Cannon 2005

–No Award– 2006

Out Loud Chorus 2007

Lamar Cooper 2008

Sean Gooden 2009

–No Award– 2010

Rebecca Hanchar and Faith Gubbins 2011

August Mergelman 2012

Misty Stokes 2013

Colin Gregory 2014


Cheers, Ed

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These lists are now updated, please view the Lifetime Award Recipients page for the updates...

Cheers, Ed



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