Current Reign 42

Featuring Line Members of the current reign 42 of the UCPPE

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Reign XLII

Reign 42 Investitures
Charles Fox and Antoniette Lily
Charles Fox and Antoniette LilyEmperor 42 and Empress 42
William St Pierre
William St PierreGrand Duke 42
Nic Grzecka
Nic GrzeckaGrand Marquis 42
Sharon Henson
Sharon HensonCount 42
Ed Sanders
Ed SandersCrown Prince 42
David Kuklin and Alexis Rave
David Kuklin and Alexis RavePrince and Princess Royal 42
Susan Quilleach McIntire
Susan Quilleach McIntireGrand Duchess 42
Dylan Jordan
Dylan JordanGrand Marquesa 42
Emma Rave
Emma RaveGrand Czarina 42
Sara Bellum
Sara BellumDuchess 42
Laura Fuchs
Laura FuchsCountess 42
Lucious Legs Divine Good
Lucious Legs Divine GoodViscountess 42

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