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Get Involved!

There are many ways to get involved with the UCPPE.  From attending our events, board of advisors meetings and bingo and other special events.

Join Us at Our Shows

The United Court of the Pikes Peak Region regularly puts on Shows to benefit the various charities we work for.  See Our Events page for more information.

Become a Member!

Please join the UCPPE! Dues are only $25 annually.  You will then be able to vote at General Membership meetings, and will receive our newsletter.  

Court membership shall entitle members to the following benefits: 

  1. A hard copy of the quarterly newsletter mailed upon request,that shall contain pertinent information, such as calendar of events and minutes. 
  1. A copy of these By-Laws and or the Treasurers report, by request 
  2. Discount rates for various court functions, at rates to be approved by the Board of Advisors. 
  3. Discount rates on Coronation Program Ads 
  4. Members will be provided with contacts to subcommittees that will have specific group activities in mind, i.e. camping, skiing, hiking, bowling, entertainment, etc.  [See Proclamation by Emperor IX, Bob Steinborn.] 
  5. Voting rights at General Membership Meetings 
  6. Eligibility to walk with your UCPPE title and represent the Organization at public functions 
  7. Eligibility to receive Anniversary pinsladders and regalia and to take Anniversary walks   
  8. Eligibility to participate with the running or calling of Bingo or Raffles 
  9. Eligibility to run for a UCPPE BOA position 
  10. Eligibility to run for the position of Emperor, Empress or Emperex 
  11. Eligibility to serve as a member on a line of succession  
  12. Eligibility to be nominated/selected for the position of PR 

Your dues help to support this website, and other continuing costs we have to maintain this organization. By recent vote of the General Membership, all court members should pay dues.

To join please download and fill out the form below and mail it in with your check or money order or by filling out our online application (the quickest way to join) at our Join Us page.

Make the payment to “UCPPE.”

Mail the form and dues to:
PO Box 6925
Colorado Springs, Co. 80934.

Thank you very much! Just click below to download the form.

thumbnail of Membership

Click on the Above Image to Download the Application Form or just click here

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Ed Sanders · August 18, 2018 at 8:41 AM

You can either download the application form, print and mail in with your check, or join online at the Join Us page

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