The History

How did we start this State Event?

Coronation used to be in June. Summer was the end of the year instead of the middle. Winter Cotillion was originally a Christmas time function to raise money and collect toys for needy children.See Empress VII, Fran's proclamation.Emperor Bill and Empress Fran changed the event to be a Winter Cotillion. There were to be contestants for Prince and Princess of Snow.As the years went on, Winter Cotillion became scheduled in the beginning of the year. Coronation had moved to November to be more cost effective. Now, the Christmas season was really close to the new Monarchs stepping up. There was still the need to celebrate Investitures. Therefore, Winter Cotillion ended up marking the end of the first quarter of the year.In recent years Winter Cotillion has been scheduled in late February and early March. Monarchs know it cannot be scheduled after the 22nd of March, the first day of Spring. The event has been more of a challenge recently because Denver and Colorado Springs have enjoyed attending Seattle's Coronation. Our Texas brothers and sisters also enjoy our visits to Houston. There has always been scheduling issues with all the State Functions, but Winter Cotillion has endured the most changes.Winter Cotillion is also the event where the Monarchs from the year before announce the funds raised during their reign. With the help of the Treasurer, the Monarchs from the previous year are able to close the financial books of their reign and donate funds to the community. Between November and February, all the bills are paid and the accounting is balanced with the bank and the community.

The Debutante Ball

Winter Cotillion is now traditionally a Debutante Ball.Since Reign VII, the Debutantes have been people in the community who were new to the Court. Not everyone has to be young like other Debutantes. But, the contestants are encouraged to make the event their "Coming Out" party to the Court. Coming out as a member of our organization is different from coming out of the closet. We are non-discriminatory, and we want the entire community to feel a part of our success. The new Debutantes get to meet new people and learn from the experienced line members and Regents.The Prince and Princess of Snow Competition has rules.
    • A Debutante wears a white dress, regardless of gender.
    • The Debutante is escorted by an Escort, wearing a suit or tuxedo, regardless of gender.
    • The Debutante cannot talk out right. The Escort walks around the room introducing the Debutante to guests. After the Debutante is introduced, she is allowed to carry on a conversation.
    • At the end of the first set, the candidates for Prince and Princess of Snow waltz.
    • After the waltz, the candidates sell raffle tickets for charity. The raffle prizes vary each year.
    • Usually, there are secret judges picked by the Monarchs who vote on which couple did the best job during the evening.
    • The Prince and Princess are crowned before the last performances of the evening.
The Prince and Princess of Snow use their titles for one (1) year, or until the next Winter Cotillion. Many past recipients of the award have moved on to higher office. It is not a lifetime title. This pageant is a stepping stone towards achieving larger responsibilities.We encourage our community to get involved and strive for greatness while having fun doing so.

This year's Winter Cotillion is Saturday, March 10th, 2018!

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      Letter from HRSIH Koriandir XarisPosted by On

      Letter from Empress XLI, Koriander Xaris:

      As Christmas draws close and the New Year looms ever closer, it is my pleasure to chat a little about upcoming events. We have many exciting events in store for our court and the community. The staples will continue, which is to include Bingo at the Underground Pub, and performance shows at the Club Q and the Underground Pub. Please see details for dates and times on the events calendar.

      One of our Regent favorites, we have another casino night planned for the new year. These are such great social opportunities as well as some great gambling fun, without losing your shirt.

      There will also be line meetings, Social Sundays, Board Meetings and a Regents Meeting to keep you well connected to the Current Reign and to what’s going on behind the scenes.

      In January, the Emperor and Empress are delighted to represent our beloved court to the ICS by attending the Houston Coronation (Jan 13-15). It promises to be a great networking opportunity as well as a fun social time, as we both have friends on the stepping down and stepping up Monarchs. Plus, a chance to personally invite people to our coronation as well.

      Let’s not forget our Second State Function, Winter Cotillion. This time-honored Reign tradition incorporates a debutante ball and contest, all the Glamour and Grace of our court’s formal functions, along with a playful Winter theme. This year it will be held February 11 at Club Q and is titled, “Winter in the Fae Garden”. It will combine ice, fairies, cold and crisp decorations, with heartwarming people and performances.

      We have a lot planned, but we also have a lot needing a theme or chairperson. If you have some ideas and a desire to pitch in please contact their Majesties, post in our group, or come to one of our many events and let us know. This only works with your help and participation. We also always need bingo prizes, donations for silent auctions, sponsors for Coronation Funds, and Mentors for our line members. Please never let tip money or a ride defer you. Arrangements can always be made, and we value your presence most of all.


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