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October 23, 2017

Our Special Needs Members:

It is most important that all of our coronations and stages are accessible, i.e. ramps, etc. Many times our special needs friends and members are subjected to inaccessible coronation activities and stages. Please let us all be more considerate and sensitive. Thank you.

“Stonewall 50” 2019 – New York:

I am very excited to inform you all that the council and I are working on two events in celebration of Stonewall 50 in New York in 2019. Millions of people will be coming to New York from all over the world to celebrate the birth of the modern gay rights movement. Official announcements of these two historic events the Imperial Court Council are hosting will be coming soon.

The 30 Under 30 Council:

After extensive and diverse input from all over our court system, and meeting with our members throughout the U.S.A. and Canada, we are dissolving the “30 Under 30 Council and recognizing it to better serve that membership and to be a more positive project.

2018 Council and Heirs:

As you know, membership on the International Imperial Court Council is a one-year term. In the months of November and December I, along with the Council President, will be reevaluating all of the current council members and making decisions concerning reappointments.
As every year, I am now accepting nominations from Court’s Boards of Directors and Colleges of Monarchs for Heirs and International Imperial Court Council members.

Tim, Roc and Larry:

The Courts and communities of Las Vegas, Portland and Sacramento are in mourning. Indeed all the International Imperial Court System is in mourning with many of us heartbroken. Tim, Roc, and Larry had many things in common: they were true gentlemen, kind hearted, with warm wonderful smiles. Let us celebrate their lives and reach out to their loved one, partners and friends, for that is what family do and we are indeed a true family.

Queen Mother I of the Americas
Empress Nicole the Great
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San Diego, CA 92163

Ed Sanders

I am a Colorado Springs WebMaster and UCPPE Member offering my skills as webmaster to the public at my site at Prince Royal 47, and Recording Secretary for the Board of Advisors.


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