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Emperor Water Xaris

Empress Koriandir Xaris

Prince Royal Chris Morgan

Princess Royal Ramiyah Devereaux

Water and Koriander Xaris with Prince Royal Chris Morgan

The Final Line of Succession:

Princess Royal Ramiyah Devereaux, The Exalting Spirit of Positivity and Laughter
Prince Royal Chris Morgan, The Lascivious Guardian of Fun and Frolic
Grand Duchess Antoinette Lilly, The Pertinacious Spirit of Compassion and Selflessness
Grand Duke Charlie Fox, The Lupine Guardian of Leather and Games
Grand Marquise Dillion Jordan, The Delightful Spirit of Empathy and Patience
Grand Marquis Nic Grzecka, The Generous Guardian of Hope and Fulfillment
Grand Czarina Susan Quilleash Murphy MacEntire, The Frolicsome Spirit of Poise and Prose
Grand Czar David Kuklin, The Fierce Guardian of the Hunt and Furries
Duchess Eileen Healey, The Effervescent Spirit of Elegance and Philanthropy
Duke Tony Mathews, The Debonair Guardian of Chivalry and Procurement
Vicereine Kyrah Jordan, The Glamorous Spirit of Unity and Entertainment
Viceroy Dante Inferno, The Melodious Guardian of Illusion and Muse
Marquise Anita Cocktail, The Serene Spirit of Beauty and Beneficence.
Marquis William St. Pierre, The Vigilante Guardian of Modesty and Propriety
Countess Alexis Carrera, The Resplendent Spirit of Inspiration and Graciousness
Count Rhyder J. Devereaux, The Courageous Guardian of Evolution and Masculinity
Viscountess Tabetha Gooden Ashley, The Tenderhearted Spirit of Solidarity and Loyalty
Baron Darryl Alexander, The Gregarious Spirit of Mirth and Merriment
Baron Dan Alexander, The Beloved Guardian of Rebirth and Dedication
Baroneess Willow West, The Enlightened Spirit of Tolerance and Diversity
Baronet Leo Inferno, The Feline Guardian of Legacy and Promise
Crown Princess
Crown Prince Alexander Geber, The Dependable Guardian of Devotion and Otaku
Sharon, Henson, The Lovable Guardian of Wisdom and Art
Zeus Devereaux, The Leather Guardian of Kink and Pups

Coronation 42 Awards:

Coronation 42 Awards
Aurora Borealis Award 2017: Jesse Brackin “Thank you for always charging to my aid, my beloved rhino”
Sainthood Award 2017: Travis Henderson “Thank you for being gallant, vigilant, and honorable”
Diamond of Excellence 2017: Lauren Ashley “Confidant and Refresher of Spirit to All Empresses”
Life Time One: Eileen Healy and Tony Matthews “Precious Ally Beloved Family Member of the UCPPE for Life”
Life Time Two: Lashay DeMarco “Beloved Sister to All Empresses or Life”
Peak Title- Antoinette: The Golden Heart of the Peak
Spirit Within for Life 2017: Duane Thompson “Thank you for your Hard Work and Dedication to the UCPPE”
Spirit Within: R.C. Michaels “Thank you for your Hard Work and Dedication to the community”
Lord of Strength and Honor for Life: Royce Wood, Craig Rae “Thank you for your support and dedication to UCPPE”
Sainthood for Life: Carrol Hillebrand “Thank you for your unwavering support, patience, advice and wisdom”
Life Time One: “Keeper of his Majesties History for life to Emperor 41 Water Xaris”: Sharon Henson
Life Time Two: “Evil Pixie Twin & Entertainer to his Majesty for life”: Lady Cat De’Ore
Steve and Dorothy Humanitarian Award: Helen Bozo “Heart of Giving and Soul for the Community”
Shel Anderson Award Nic Grzecka “The Generous Guardian of Hope and Fulfillment”
Eagle Spirit Award: Club Q “Oasis for Diversity, Embassy for Positive Change”
Rainbow Tiger Award: Sara Bellum “Fierce Spirt for the Community, Paving the Way for the Future”
Emperor and Empress Appreciation Award: Darryl and Dan Alexander, Bob Krugmire, Ed Sanders
Spirit of Hope Award for their Excellence in promoting Inclusion, Unity, Advocacy and Acceptance within the LGBTIQA Community Presented to the United Court of the Sandias 11/04/2017
Coronation 42 Awards
In Realm Out of Realm
Empress to Princess: Ramiyah Devereaux Empress to Princess: Kiki Stratton
Empress to Prince: Chris Morgan Empress to Prince: Brendan Gonzales
Empress to Empress: Shelby Moorehead Empress to Empress: Terry Stone Harper
Empress to Emperor: Michael Cornejo Empress to Emperor: King Wells
In Realm Out of Realm
Emperor to Princess: Ramiyah Devereaux Emperor to Princette: Frida Miles
Emperor to Prince: Chris Morgan Emperor to Prince: Charles Rozanski
Emperor to Empress: Kassondra McEntire Emperor to Empress: Daniel Starr
Emperor to Emperor: Mark Merrimen Emperor to Emperor: Jeff Janney
In Town show:
Line Member of the Year: Susan Quilleash Murphy McEntire
Entertainer to Their Majesties of the Year: Mesha Nare

Reign 41 Designated Charities:

Designated 80/20 Charities from events:

Charity Contact Information Final Donation
Save Me Scout Rescue Sylvia Morgan 1250.00
Mothers of Murdered Youth Jennifer Romero c/0 MOMY

P.O. Box 17516

Colorado Springs CO 80916

(719) 231-8234

Inside Out Youth Inside Out Youth Services

223 N Wahsatch ave

Colorado Springs, CO 80903




Special Olympics Special Olympics Southeast Region

1763 S 8th St #4,

Colorado Springs, CO 80905

(719) 574-8480

Silver Key Silver Key

1625 S Murray Blvd,

Colorado Springs, CO 80916

(719) 884-2350

Pikes Peak Hospice Pikes Peak Hospice Foundation

2550 Tenderfoot Hill Street

Colorado Springs, CO 80906

(719) 633-3400


Kori and Water’s Charities

Charity Contact Information Final Donation
Colorado Leather Fest Colorado Leather Fest

12945 Lacevine Pl

Peyton, Co 80831


School Supplies Mark Twain Elementary School

3402 E. San Miguel Street

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

P.A.G.E. Peak Area Gender Expressions 900.0
Transgender Freedom Fund Transgender Freedom Fund 700.00
Rainbow Rose Scholarship Fund Funds to be carried over until Scholarships are awarded later this year 2000.00
Regent Fund For Hospitality 470.25


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