Campaign Season for Reign 48 is upon us.  We are now accepting applications for Monarchs.  Candidate review is on September 6th with a board of advisors meeting at 5 pm at Pikes Peak MCC Church, 1102 South 21st Street, 80904 and candidate review at 6:30.  This event is open to the public.  You can download the Monarch Application form, pay the application fee of $100 ($50 Refundable if proper tear-down crew is provided) or pay for the membership fee in the court.

  • Membership in UCPPE

    Annual Membership

    $25 annual membership in ucppe, buy now and it expires 07-01-2025

  • Application Fees

    Board of Advisors Application Fee

    $15 Application fee for Board of Advisors Positions, non-refundable

  • Application Fees

    Monarch Application Fee

    $100 Application fee applies to emperor and empress candidates.  $50 refundable if the candidate gets 2 people to help on the tear down committee.