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Emperor Peter D. Quick
Empress Lady Bubbles
Prince Royal David Bates
Princess Royal Lois Lane


Let it be known through out the Empire of Southern Colorado, from this day forward, June 20, 1981, that any person seeking office of either Emperor or Empress of the Imperial Court of Southern Colorado shall be either a Gay man or Lesbian [a person who] has been active supporter [sic] of this or another Court system in the U.S.A. or Canada for the period of at least one (1) year.

They may appoint to their Court any person residing in Southern Colorado, Heterosexual or Homosexual whom they feel will work toward the betterment of the Gay Community. [rest deleted].

So be it Spoken
So be it Done
By the Power invested in me.

Peter D. Quick
Emperor V
Imperial Court of So. Colo.

Approved by the Board of Advisors: 15 June 1981.

Amended: June 13, 1987.

As Empress of the 5th reign, I hereby proclaim a day set aside for the Prince and Princess Royale Ball to be held annually the eve preceeding investitures.

This will be a cause of celebration for the past and current P.R.’s to present a show to benefit the new reign.

So be it Spoken
So be it Done
By the power invested in me.

Lady Bubbles
Empress V
Imperial Court of So. Colo.

As Empress of the 5th reign, I hereby proclaim that the Imperial Court of Southern Colorado should have at least one (1) function per month th [sic] (to) help raise funds to support our cause.

Council of Regents

emperor peter d quickempress Lady BubblesPrince Royal David BatesPrincess Royal Lois Lanereign 5ucppeunited court of the pikes peak empire

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