boa meeting minutes

BOA Meeting Minutes 12-05-2023

Present: Hysteria –Empress 47 , Steven – Emperor 47, Sean G. – Treasurer, Ed – Recording Secretary, Autumn – Membership Chair, Michael – Emperor 48, Justin – Corresponding Secretary, Alexis – Empress 48, Mesha – President, Roy (excused) – Vice-President Call to Order: Mesha at 6:13 pm President’s Report: Antler’s Read more…

boa meeting minutes

BOA Meeting Minutes 03-14-2022

BOA and Members present: Joseph Shelton – President; Sable Gordon- Vice President; Carroll Hillebrand – Treasurer; Hysteria Brooks – Public Relations; Matt Gomez – Emperor 46; Mesha Narie Fierce – Empress 46; Autumn Quinn – Regent Co-Council; Nic Grzecka – Regent Co-Council; Ed Sanders – Membership Chair; Steven Grantham– Prince Royal 46, Corresponding Secretary.

boa meeting

BOA Meeting 12-13-2021

Join the BOA (Board of Advisors) of UCPPE for our monthly meeting, open to all, at Club Q, 3430 North Academy, Colorado Springs CO at 6:00 pm on Monday, December 13, 2021

boa meeting minutes

BOA Meeting Minutes 07-08-2021

Treasurer Report – Carroll presented details for the finances and each account. Discussed the donations received for the month and Bingo remains to be a success. The money for the shed was refunded due to the donation from Matthew Haynes for 20ft space of a 40ft container he purchased and donated half to the UCPPE, which will be stored behind Club Q in a fenced area with a non-monetary lease. Nic motioned to accept the financial report, Sean A second. Motion passed.

boa meeting minutes

BOA Meeting Minutes 06-19-2021

Nic and Autumn discussed details of recent and upcoming events. Nic and Autumn along with both PR’s will be attending the Nebraska Coronation. Every Thursday, anyone is welcome to meet at Club Q at 11:00 am to help with making lunch baggies to feed the homeless. Donations are accepted via Venmo.

boa meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes March 20 2021 Board of Advisors Meeting

Old Business – Adam discussed vacancies. Sean Gooden’s nomination for Co-Council Regent was discussed. Nic motioned to veto the previous acceptance of resignation from Sean Gooden in order to grant a gracious resignation and to be accepted as the new Co-Council Regent, Carroll second, after discussion, all were in favor and Sean Gooden has been accepted and appointed for the position. Vacancy for the President was discussed. Sean Andrews discussed options for casting votes virtually. The way forward is forthcoming. Sean Gooden motioned to accept the implementation of using Google Suites for virtual election voting, Nic second, after discussion, all were in favor, motion passed.

boa meeting minutes

January 16 2021 BOA Meeting Minutes

BOA and members present: Adam Martinez – Vice President; Mesha Narie Fierce – Recording Secretary; Carroll Hillebrand – Treasurer; Sean Andrews – Public Relations; Nic Grzecka – Emperor 44, 45; Autumn Quinn – Empress 44, 45; Joseph Shelton – Correspondence Secretary; Sable Gordon – Regent Counsel; Ed Sanders – Membership Chair