boa meeting minutes 06-19-2021

Meeting Minutes March 20 2021 Board of Advisors Meeting

Old Business – Adam discussed vacancies. Sean Gooden’s nomination for Co-Council Regent was discussed. Nic motioned to veto the previous acceptance of resignation from Sean Gooden in order to grant a gracious resignation and to be accepted as the new Co-Council Regent, Carroll second, after discussion, all were in favor and Sean Gooden has been accepted and appointed for the position. Vacancy for the President was discussed. Sean Andrews discussed options for casting votes virtually. The way forward is forthcoming. Sean Gooden motioned to accept the implementation of using Google Suites for virtual election voting, Nic second, after discussion, all were in favor, motion passed.

genl member meeting

General Membership Meeting 2-20-2021

Here is the Zoom Link for the General Membership Meeting.

Adam Martinez is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: UCPPE General Membership Meeting
Time: Feb 20, 2021 12:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 797 6425 5218
Passcode: 6UBnQG

boa meeting minutes 06-19-2021

January 16 2021 BOA Meeting Minutes

BOA and members present: Adam Martinez – Vice President; Mesha Narie Fierce – Recording Secretary; Carroll Hillebrand – Treasurer; Sean Andrews – Public Relations; Nic Grzecka – Emperor 44, 45; Autumn Quinn – Empress 44, 45; Joseph Shelton – Correspondence Secretary; Sable Gordon – Regent Counsel; Ed Sanders – Membership Chair

boa meeting jan 16 2021

boa meeting january 16 2021

Topic: January UCPPE Board Meeting
Time: Jan 16, 2021 10:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 710 5841 2019
Passcode: bK6jJk

boa meeting minutes 06-19-2021

december 19 2020 BOA Meeting Minutes

New Business – Carroll presented a policy change regarding the membership dues. An increase of dues from $12.00 to $25.00 (see policy manual Policy 2 Finances, Section 3: Dues [Ref: By-Laws, Article IV, Section 4.08]); to be an active member, an individual must have dues paid in full and up to date with the annual due date of May 1st. Mesha motioned to accept the policy change to membership due date and the increase of dues, Nic second, with all in favor, motion passed. Updates and upcoming events will be a reoccurrence in the newsletter pushed out by the Correspondence Secretary. Adam discussed potential legal connections in order to establish a relationship in the event it is needed in the future for immediate action.

boa meeting minutes 06-19-2021

October 17 2020 BOA Meeting Minutes

Old Business – Adam discussed the Lawyer retention and the concerns for the cease and desist to protect the Reigning Monarch’s as well as the organization from slander. Researching options continues.

New Business – Adam motioned to approve rooms for two Board members that are conducting business during the Coronation weekend, Nic second, after discussion, Nic revised the motion to approve one room for the Board’s discretion which will allow one to two members to have a room that are conducting business during Coronation weekend, Autumn second, with all in favor, motion passed. A digital script will be created for future Balls for easier access. A set standard in the event of the passing of a member was discussed, addition to the policy will later be discussed with the proper procedure. Nic motioned to donate $50.00 to the Chihuahua Foundation on behalf of Sharon Henson, Carroll second, with all in favor, motion passed. Carroll motioned to move any remaining travel funds to carry over to the next Reign as oppose to deplete and give to another account, Autumn second, with all in favor, motion passed.

Update on Coronation 45

Good Evening Fellow Courtiers,
On behalf of the Board of Advisers this is an update on Coronation 45.
As we are now in the 5th month of the COVID-19 pandemic and with November’s quarantine situation being very uncertain, after much consideration the BOA has decided to post pone Coronation until 2021. This comes as a disappointment to us all.
However, this move will allow the current reign to reschedule its required state events when they can safely be held. The BOA to plan campaign session as well as put into place a plan of action for future reigns should they find themselves in this position in the future.
In the meantime, we are working closely with our host hotel and venue to ensure that all social distancing and safety concerns are observed as needed when Coronation is held. We will discuss further details with our council of regents during the annual Regents Meeting 09/13/2020 at Club Q.
Zoom will be available for all who wish to attend virtually.

annual membership ucppe

BOA updates 07-21-2020

As you may have seen on Facebook many issues within our community are coming to light. These issues are deeply concerning to all of us. In an effort to bridge the gap and try to mend the community the BOA and Club Q are partnering to present a series of educational workshops focusing on the issues impacting us all. The first of which is the Transgender Awareness workshop scheduled for next Tuesday night at Club Q. We have received several offers to present workshops form partner organizations as well as other courts. The complete list of courses that will be offered as well as virtual options, dates and times will be announced as soon as the schedule is solidified.

boa meeting minutes 06-19-2021

July 18 2020 Board of Advisors Meeting Minutes

BOA will meet September 12th permitted COVID-19, to discuss what will take place for Reign 44 with regards to U.S and State shut downs and/or restrictions amid COVID-19. Possible postponement for Coronation 45 may be discussed in the near future. Training for Sensitivity Awareness and other classes were discussed. Nic will be attending a Town Hall August 10th, 6:00pm at Club Q, with Jasmine James and Water Xaris as moderators, all are welcome to attend. Updates to the Code of Conduct were suggested. There will be a disclaimer for adult content added to the announcement board during Bingo.

boa meeting minutes 06-19-2021

BOA Meeting Minutes June 20 2020

Nic discussed recent events conducted by the Reign. Black and White Ball will be set for a new date. Discussion for hosting an event for Senior Citizens with Sable Gordon being the lead, more details forthcoming. Nic motioned to approve a budget up to $40.00 to purchase material for making additional masks to sell as a fundraiser in the effort to raise money for UCPPE (with assistance from Teresa Grzecka), Carroll second, discussion held, with all in favor, motion passed. Opportunities for events at Club Q were discussed.

annual membership ucppe

BOA Updates for 2-5-2020

Winter Cotillion: Winter Cotillion is 3 days away and will be held on 02/08/2020 at Club Q Doors are at 5:00 PM with the event starting at 6:00 PM. This year’s theme is “3 Ring Circus” and promises to be an amazing evening filled with food, fun and laughter.

General Membership Meeting:
Our annual General Membership Meeting is 11 days away!!
This year’s meeting will be held in our new Coronation venue:
The Gold Room 18 S Nevada ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

annual membership ucppe


Good Evening Fellow Courtiers,

On behalf of the Board of Advisers we bring you the following updates.

~Winter Cotillion: Winter Cotillion will be held on 02/08/2019 at Club Q Doors are at 5:00pm with the event starting at 6:00pm. This year’s theme is “3 Ring Circus” and promises to be an amazing evening filled with food, fun and laughter.

~Profit and Loss Statements: Recently our treasurer presented the BOA with a graph showing the estimated profit and loss for Coronation over several years. In the interest of remaining transparent with our Regents, membership and Community this information was publicized. We will give more detail at the General Membership Meeting on how this information was compiled as well as some updates to the Coronation P&L after digging deeper into those numbers.

~BOA office updates: In our January Meeting we will look to fill the 2 positions listed below. If you are interested in any of these positions please reach out to the me via email no later than 9:00 PM January 18th.

the next BOA meeting January 19, 2019 1:00 pm at Club Q

Member at Large – Public Relations
Regent Co- Council – to be appointed by Empress 43 Anka Shayne to assist with planning and fund raising for Hospitality.

~Packet Pick up for General Membership Meeting Elections: Prior to the General Membership meeting we will hold voting for the following positions:

BOA Board President

Both positions have a 2-year term commitment. Job descriptions and requirements for both positions are listed in the policy manual on our website. If you would like to run for either position please pick up your packets January 19 from 3:00 to 6:00pm

Candidate Review for these positions: TBD

~General Membership Meeting:

Please mark your calendars for the General Membership Meeting: Sunday February 16, 2019 Gold Room Noon to 4:00 PM

Voting will be held from Noon to 1:00 PM.
General Membership meeting will follow voting at 1:15 PM The positions of President and Treasurer are open for re-election. You must be a dues paid member to vote, so please make sure that your dues are current or pay them at the door before voting. This is a great time to also update your contact information with the Membership Chair.

~By-Law changes: In accordance with ARTICLE XIX: AMENDMENT OF BY-LAWS during the General Membership Meeting we invite you to submit any proposed changes to our By-Laws.

o When submitting your proposed change please remember that changes should be submitted in writing.

o Please print enough copies so that the membership can review the change before discussing and voting on it.

~Calls for Protocol:

On behalf of Reign 44 this is your first call for protocol for the following Coronations. Please message me directly with which Coronation you plan to attend.

Remember to send all updates to your protocol to

The Empire of the Royal Sovereign and Imperial Court of the Single Star, Inc (Houston TX) – January 18, 2020 ~ Coronation 36, “Northern Lights: A Winter Odyssey”

Imperial Sovereign Court of the Evergreen Empire (Bellingham, WA) – January 18, 2020 “The Reign of Cakes”

Imperial Sun Court of all Florida Coronation Two (Ft Lauderdale, FL) – January 25, 2020

Imperial Court of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN) – February 1, 2020 “Rockin’ In Rio: A Carnival Extravaganza”

San Diego Imperial Coronation (San Diego, CA) – February 8, 2020 “A Military Affair”

The Imperial Sovereign Court of all Connecticut Coronation (Windsor, CT) – February 15, 2020 Coronation XXI: “An American Horror Story”

The Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle and the Olympic and Rainier Empire (Seattle, WA) – February 15, 2020 “A Stroll Down The Runway Lowering Heaven & Raising Hell”

The Imperial Council of San Francisco, Inc. (San Francisco, CA) – February 22, 2020 Coronation 55: “Disco in the Jungle”

Yours in service to the community,

UCPPE BOA Vice President

Emperor 41 Water Xaris

BOA Meeting Minutes December 2019

December 14th 2019, United Court Pikes Peak Empire Board of Advisors meeting

BOA present: Water Xaris – Vice President; Mesha Narie Fierce – Recording Secretary; Dan Alexander – Treasurer; Autumn Quinn – Empress 44; Nic Grzecka – Emperor 44; Lucy Roxia – Corresponding Secretary; Ed Sanders – Web Master; Candy Rose – Regent

Call to order: 6:15pm; Water Xaris, Vice President, presided the meeting.

President Report- No significant activity to report

Vice President Report – No significant activity to report

Secretary Report – No significant activity to report

Treasurer Report – Dan presented the financial breakdown to include Coronation 44 profit and loss. Mesha motioned to accept the Treasurers report, Nic second, with all in favor, motion passed.