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Court Online Store

Want to just make a donation to the work of UCPPE? Just choose the donation product, hit add to cart, then on the right you can change the donation amount and add a note, then hit Add Donation.  Then you will be ready to check out.

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The UCPPE store has sold out of the UCPPE Pins.  Sorry!

Store Items:

  • donations

    Donations to the work of UCPPE

    Donate $20 or click add to cart this product, then change the amount on the right screen and click on add donation.

  • Membership in UCPPE

    Annual Membership

    $25 annual membership in ucppe, buy now and it expires 05-01-2023

  • Tickets

    New Year’s Eve 2023

    It’s time we start the new year stronger and more United than ever. Join United Court of the Pikes Peak Empire Regents, as they host a …

  • Sale!
    Reign Pins

    40th Anniversary Pin

    The pin commemorating the 40th anniversary reign of the UCPPE.

  • Merchandise

    UCPPE History Book

    Book which details the history of the United Court of the Pikes Peak Empire.

  • Merchandise

    Summit Masters Pin

    Pikes Peak Summit Masters 20th anniversary pin, suitable for leather or formal wear, suggested $10 donation.  Features the club logo and inscription.

  • Application Fees

    Monarch Application Fee

    $100 Application fee applies to emperor and empress candidates.  $50 refundable if the candidate gets 2 people to help on the tear down committee.

  • Application Fees

    Board of Advisors Application Fee

    $15 Application fee for Board of Advisors Positions, non-refundable