You are most cordially invited to join,
Empress 41 Koriandir Xaris
Emperor 41 Water Xaris
Princess Royal 41 Ramiyah Devereaux
Prince Royal 41 Chris Morgan
And the 41st Line of Succession as we proudly present
Winter Cotillion 2017: Winter in the Fae Garden.

February 11, 2017. Club Q, doors at 5pm, event starts at 6pm. Formal and/or theme attire is appreciated. Cost is $15 for members, $20 General Admission.

The event will be a pot luck, so please bring a delicious item to share with our other guests. Please RSVP on the Facebook event and if possible indicate the dish you are bringing. That would be most appreciated.

The Winter Cotillion marks the last opportunity to purchase Coronation Tickets at the lowest price. After that, the price will be going up incrementally until Coronation.

Waltz classes are graciously being provided by Niq (Luscious) at Club Q at 2:30 pm on January 29th and February 5th.

The Waltz for the Competition event will be:
The Enchanted Princess by Derek Fiechter

We will be having our Debutante Ball competition for Prince and Princess of Snow. The rules and requirements are Listed Below.
1) After the Contest begins, the Debutante remains silent until formerly introduced and presented to whomever the couple is speaking to.

2) Competing Couples will waltz first, then be joined by the non-competing couples and be judged on their dancing.

3) Competing Couples will sell raffle tickets to promote introductions to everyone present as well as fund raise.

4) Judges will be secret, and use a point system for each contestant. The Judges criteria will include the waltz, raffle tickets sold, and introductions and demeanor of the couple throughout the event.

5) The winning couple will be presented with a tiara and medallion.

6) The Prince and Princess of Snow is a yearlong title. They will help represent in the Pride Parade, Pride Festival and assist in fund raising and community service.

7) The dress code is formal. Competing Couples should wear white gloves. There are no gender requirements. If it is not clear whom the Debutante is, then the escort should wear black gloves. The Debutante should wear white or off white.

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