Countdown to Coronation 43

    How did we start this State Event?

    Coronation is the last event of the Imperial year. It celebrates the birthday

    Emperor Water and Empress Koriandir Reign 41

    Emperor Water and Empress Koriandir Reign 41

    of the Court. The Monarchs have worked hard all year, and they step down with their friends and family from all over the Imperial Court System. Right now, the UCPPE celebrates an entire weekend of events.

    Coronation Weekend is also the start of the new year for the next Reign. The newly elected Monarchs are brought into the ballroom and crowned at the end of the event.

    Coronation had been scheduled in June during the first years of the Court. Coronation was cost effective during the days before summer began. However, Colorado Springs is known for its resorts and sunshine during the summer. Hotels grew to be more expensive during the summer.

    Coronation was moved to November. The event has been enjoyed with both comfortable and inclement weather. But, because of talented people, the event has been a success and affordable for both the organizers and the guests.

    Coronation is a chance for the Monarchs to honor their friends that have been inspirational throughout the year. These guests are Command Performers. They perform at different parts of the evening. Since Reign XXXI, the UCPPE allows for only ten command performers to have appropriate time management throughout the event.

    Coronation is an event where the community sees the results of Voting Day. There is a new Emperor and Empress, but there are also new Members at Large for the Board of Advisors.

    • Emperor 11 Duane Thompson

      Emperor 11 Duane Thompson

      Coronation was originally in June.

    • Coronation was held in several hotels for many years.
      • During Reign XXIV Coronation was held at the Sheraton. During Reign XXXI, the Sheraton changed to the Crown Plaza hotel. Coronation has been hosted by this hotel for over ten years. The hotel itself has become a tradition.
    • Coronation is a Board Function
      • Coronation is supervised by the Board of Advisors. Just like other State Functions, Coronation is started by a greeting from the President of the Board of Advisors. The Monarchs appoint a Coronation Coordinator to make sure the event runs smoothly. Once the event starts, the Monarchs are on the Dias and have no time to make any other planning decisions.
    • Coronation Weekend
      • The In-Town Show, usually the Thursday before
      • Friday, The Out of Town Show and Bus Tour
      • Saturday, Coronation
      • Sunday, Victory Brunch

    The In-Town Show

    Usually, the Thursday before Coronation, the In-Town Show is chance for the Monarchs to honor all the people who helped them with their year in the Realm. Awards and Certificates are given out to In-Town Regents and Line Members.

    Out Town Show and Bus Tour

    The Out of Town Show had been in the hotel for some years, but the space needed along with the cost became too cumbersome. During Reign XXXIV, the Progressive Out of Town Show was developed where the Out of Town guests performed at the bars on the Tour.


    Michael Cornejo (Emperor 24) escorting Lauren Ashley (Empress 24)

    Michael Cornejo (Emperor 24) escorting Lauren Ashley (Empress 24)

    Coronation starts at 5:00pm. Colorado Springs has prided itself on hosting a buffet dinner where guests start eating an hour before the event starts. After the traditional opening ceremonies, guests are welcome to continue eating from the buffet until the end of second set. The guests are able to see talented Command Performers, witness the majesty of In-Town and Out-of-Town walks of Regents, Businesses and Organizations. The Monarchs give out Lifetime Awards and have one last evening sitting on the Imperial thrones. The newly elected Monarchs are crowned at the end of the event.

    Victory Brunch

    Victory Brunch is the Sunday afterwards. Colorado Springs has prided itself on hosting an omelet bar and breakfast buffet. We invite our guests to attend the buffet first, and the event is designed to be both comfortable as well as elegant. The stepping down Monarchs give out more awards to in-town and out-of-town guests. The newly elected Monarchs are given a chance to welcome their new Reign. They announce their reign theme, colors, and the theme and date of their stepping down Coronation. In recent years, the Emperor and Empress of the new year also dub their new Prince and Princess Royal.


    Emperor 42 Charley Fox

    Empress 42 Antoniette Lily


    Coronation Tickets

    Walks and Entrances

    Individuals representing Courts, Businesses or Organizations are encouraged to walk. Groups with five (5) or more representatives are invited to do an entrance limited to a maximum of five (5) minutes. Performances are limited to seven (7) minutes. Appropriate formal or themed attire and regalia is requested for every one on the stage for crowning ceremony. Please, appropriate content: no confetti, nudity, open flames, live animals, bare breasts or exposed buttocks.

    Hospitality Suite

    Breckenridge Suite 2nd Floor
    (Protocol by 1:00pm)
    And After Coronation until 1:30am


    We will reserve entire tables with full pre-payment for (8) eight seats. Prepaid tickets will be held at the Hospitality Suite or at the door at Coronation.
    No refunds will be made.


    Sean Gooden

    President, Board of Advisors President@ucppe.org

    For more information about Coronation, Please contact Sean Gooden at President@ucppe.org


    Out of Town Protocol will be accepted by the Coronation Coordinator in the Hospitality Suite. Businesses and Organizations, please type out and print your protocol to be placed in its own envelope. Hand this protocol to the Coronation Coordinator.

    In-Town Protocol will be collected by the Vice President of the Board. (2nd floor) on 8 ½ x 11 paper. Accepted from 10:00am—1:00pm. Protocol should be typed.
    There is a computer center on the first floor of the hotel. Please spell difficult words or names phonetically.

    Coronation Program Ads

    We invite everyone to place an ad in our Coronation 43 Program. The deadline for placing an ad is Friday, October 12, 2018. All ads should be camera-ready art, digital format. Leave a 1/4” border around each of the four edges of a full 8 1/2” x 11” page. Ensure ad is in either .jpg, .doc, .pub or pdf format.

    Please send payment with Ad. Court checks, money orders or cashier’s checks accepted. Remit in United States Currency.
    Checks should be made out to:
    The United Court of the
    Pikes Peak Empire
    Include Ad payment to:
    Dan Alexander
    Attn: UCPPE Coronation Ad
    P.O. Box 6925
    Colorado Springs, CO 80934
    Program Size 8 1/2” x 11”
    Full Page $120
    Half Page $80
    Ads will not be printed until payment has been received.

    You may also purchase your ad online via our secure server:

    If you order your ad online via our secure server, don't forget to send in your ad copy to president@ucppe.org!

    Hotel Elegante

    2886 South Circle Dr.,Colorado Springs, CO 80906

    Please mention UCPPE when reserving your room. Call:1 800 971 4654 Hotel Eleganté is conveniently located near the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport.

    Hotel Eleganté is so pleased to be the host hotel again for Coronation XLIII! We are so excited to welcome you in November 2018!

    November 02, 2018 - November 04, 2018

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    United Court of the Pikes Peak Empire – Lifetime Title Holders:

    (Updated January 7, 2017)

    1. In Memory of Lord Protector of the Throne for Life: Sylvester Batton
    2. In Memory of Lady Protector of the Throne for Life: Loose Lilly Langtree
    3. Father of the Court of Southern Colorado for Life: Chuck Anderson
    4. In Memory of Mother of the Court of Southern Colorado for Life: Billie Cassandra
    5. In Memory of Gran Pierre Emperor I, Lord Protector of the Sun for Life: Shel Anderson
    6. Gran Dame Empress I, Lady Protectress of the Sun for Life: Nicki Lee
    7. In Memory of The First Ebony Prince for Life: David “Sugar Bear” Connors
    8. In Memory of Queen Grandmother of the Imperial Court of Southern Colorado: Loose Lilly Langtree
    9. First Lady to Emperor 7 for Life: Jedene
    10. In Memory of Honorary Empress for Life to the Imperial Court of Southern Colorado: Causha Lee Victoria
    11. In Memory of Imperial Godmother for Life: Billie Cassandra
    12. In Memory of Prince of Love and Dedication to the Realm for Life: Ed Sells
    13. The Living Legend of All Legends to All Empresses for Life in Southern Colorado: Tracy Diane
    14. In Memory of Ambassador of Spiritual Healing to the 17th Reign: Ed Sells
    15. Prince of the Realm for Life: David Bartelt
    16. The Honorary Glittering Stallion Prince: Ricky “Brat” Montoya
    17. The Dragon Prince and Pillar of the Empire: Joe Brady
    18. Artist of the Realm: Dennis Lujan
    19. In Memory of The Dragon Prince and Pillar of the Empire: Tom Gehling
    20. The Imperial Minister of Patience and Support for Life: Chris West
    21. The Imperial Minister of Friendship: Bruce Mitchell
    22. The Diamond Dolphin of Excellence and Energy for Life: Douglas Lewis
    23. The Fire and Ice Phoenix for Life: Michael Cornejo
    24. Papa to All Empresses for Life: Ralph Chapman
    25. “Grand Papa for Life’ to All of The United Court of the Pikes Peak Empire”: Michael Graczyk
    26. Count of Nobility for Life: Greg Varner
    27. In memory of The Rainbow Cowboy of Longevity: Norm Relaford
    28. Imperial Grand Duke for Life to Empress 24: Lowe Graver
    29. Imperial Grand Duchess for Life to Empress 24: Mitchell Camp (a.k.a. – Michala Rah, PR28)
    30. The Sterling Silver Guardian of Courage for Life: Don Lacey
    31. Daddy Bruce for Life: Bruce Littrell
    32. Mother to All Empresses for Life: Ariel Lee McEntire
    33. Lord Protector of All Empresses for Life: Jack Murphy
    34. Protector and Defender of the Court’s Artistic Values and Standards for Life: Ken Barker
    35. Czarina of Strength and Dedication for Life: Susan Quilleash Murphy McEntire
    36. Mistress of Mirth and Mayhem: Ghetta Cannon
    37. Red Ruby Raspberry Prince for Life: Rett Chandler Rasberry
    38. Mom to the UCPPE for Life: Nancy Davenport
    39. Grand Duchess to Empress 27 for Life: Monica
    40. Grand Duke to Empress 27 for Life: Paul Parson
    41. Emerald-Eyed White Tigress of Family and Devotion: Cassidy Rose
    42. Fluffy Puppy: Don Lacey
    43. Entertainers to All Emperors and Empresses for Life: Tammi Lynn Noel and Lauren Ashley
    44. Black Pearl of the Southern Orient: Destiny Ashley Gideon
    45. The Imperial Jewel of Personality: GiGi Rae
    46. Divine Slipper of Elegance: Fontana Divine
    47. Mother to All Court Members for Life: Patricia Rothblatt
    48. The Black Onyx Wolf, Lord Protector to All Colorado Emperors’ Courage for Life: A.J. Miller
    49. Papa to All Colorado Emperors for Life: Ralph Chapman
    50. (Name of lifetime title that was given is currently unknown): Chika
    51. The Legendary Guardian and Protector of the Emperor’s Hopes, Dreams & Reality: Brandi East
    52. The First Imperial Princess of Love, Laughter & Life: Rachel East
    53. Keeper of Empress 32’s Heart for Life: Roy Merkle
    54. The Lion Prince for Life: Anthony Garcia
    55. Defender of the Rights and Honor of Southern Colorado GLBT Community for Life: The Honorable Marylou Makepeace
    56. Lord and Master of Strength and Devoted Service to Mankind for Life: David R. Sellon
    57. Driver to All Empresses for Life: James Gideon
    58. Lord and Master of Strength and Determination for Life: Mark Merriman
    59. The Lord of Mirth and Devoted Friendship for Life: Kirk Lisuzzo
    60. Lord of Undying Service and Excellence for Life: Rick Rhody
    61. The Guardian Angel of the Peak and to Southern Colorado Empresses for Life: Sophia DeVille
    62. The Imperial Shinning Star of Devotion for Life: Star Kirkland
    63. Royal Son to Emperor 35 for Life: Tori Cuddigan
    65. Prince and Adopted Son to Empress 35 for Life: Anthony Merkle
    66. Sovereign Knight of Strength and Courage to Empress 35 for Life: Creede McQueen
    67. In Memory of King Father Emeritus: John Renn, Geno Riddle
    68. The Imperial Mentor to Emperor 36 for Life: Charlie Davenport
    69. Imperial Daughter of Loyalty to Emperor 36 for Life: Joan Paul
    70. Son-in-law to Emperor 35 for Life, Imperial Gentleman of Commitment and Compassion to UCPPE for life: Travis Henderson
    71. Protector to Empress 37’s heart for life: Erin Plant
    72. Blazin’ 7 and Citizen for Life of the United Court of the Pikes Peak Empire: Scott Kenyon
    73. Godmother of Wisdom and Song for Life of the United Court of the Pikes Peak Empire: Misty Price
    74. The Pikes Peak Oxygen Keeper, the Honorable Prince Royal for Life to All UCPPE Emperors, Brendan Gonzales
    75. In Memory of Half Empress for Life to Empress 39, Sable Gordon: Naomi Valenzuela
    76. Grand Czarina for Life to Empress 39, Sable Gordon: Antoinette Lily
    77. Lord Chamberlain to All Furries for Life, David Kuklin
    78. Imperial Titanium Gentleman of the UCPPE for Life, Chris Morgan
    79. Imperial Royal Mother of Devotion to the UCPPE for Life, Patsy Henderson
    80. The Fiery Fox Empress of Unwavering Love to the UCPPE for Life, Tracey Willingham
    81. The Benevolent and Inspiring Empress of the UCPPE for Life, Gabbriella But’zin
    82. Precious Ally Beloved Family Member of the UCPPE for Life, Eileen Healy and Tony Matthews
    83. Beloved Sister to All Empresses for Life, Lashay DeMarco
    84. Keeper of His Majesty’s History for Life to Emperor 41 Water Xaris, Sharon Henson
    85. Evil Pixie Twin and Entertained to His Majesty for Life, Lady Cat De’Ore


    Sean Gooden

    President of the Board of Advisors


    Ed Sanders



    Charley Fox

    Emperor 42


    Antoniette Lily

    Empress 42



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    P.O. Box 6925

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