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What is Coronation and how did it begin?

Coronation is the last event to be held during the Imperial year. It celebrates the beginning of UCPPE. The Monarchs have worked hard all year, and they step down with their friends and family from all over the Imperial Court System. UCPPE celebrates an entire weekend of events.

Coronation Weekend also starts the new year for the next Reign. The newly elected Monarchs are brought into the ballroom and crowned at the end of the event. This next coronation will crown the new Emperor/Empress/Emprx XLVIII (48).

In prior years, Coronation was scheduled in June. The cost to host Coronation in June became increasingly expensive due to the popularity of the summer months, therefore Coronation was moved to November.

Coronation is a chance for the current reigning Monarchs to honor their friends that have been inspirational throughout the year with a special request of a command performance. Command Performers get the opportunity to perform at different parts of the evening on Coronation Night. Since Reign XXXI, the UCPPE allows for only ten command performers to have appropriate time management throughout the event.

Coronation is an event where the community is presented the results from Voting Day. At the end of the night, results are presented for the new members of the Board of Advisors in the at-large role, as well as the new reigning Emperor/Empress/Emprx.

  • Coronation was originally held in June.
  • Coronation was held in several hotels for many years.
    • During Reign XXIV Coronation was held at the Sheraton. During Reign XXXI, the Sheraton changed to the Crown Plaza hotel. Coronation has been hosted by this hotel for over ten years. Coronation is currently held at the Antlers Hotel.
  • Coronation is a Board Function
    • Coronation is supervised by the Board of Advisors. Just like other State Functions, Coronation is started by a greeting from the President of the Board of Advisors. The Monarchs appoint a Coronation Coordinator to make sure the event runs smoothly. Once the event starts, the Monarchs are on the Dias and have no time to make any other planning decisions.
  • Coronation Weekend
    • Thursday In-Town Show
    • Friday, Out of Town Show and Bus Tour
    • Saturday, Coronation
    • Sunday, Victory Brunch

The In-Town Show

Usually, the Thursday before Coronation, the In-Town Show is chance for the Monarchs to honor all the people who helped the reign hold success over the year.  Awards and Certificates are given to In-Town Regents and Line Members.

Out Town Show and Bus Tour

The Out of Town Show was held at the hotel for some years, but the space needed along with the cost became too cumbersome. The Out of Town Show is currently held at (pending location) during the Bus Tour, Show time TBD.


Coronation starts at 5:00pm. Colorado Springs has prided itself on hosting a buffet dinner where guests start eating an hour before the event starts. After the traditional opening ceremonies, guests are welcome to continue eating from the buffet until the end of second set. The Guests will see talented Command Performers, witness the majesty of In-Town and Out-of-Town walks of Regents, Businesses and Organizations. The Monarchs give out Lifetime Awards and have one last evening sitting on the Imperial thrones. The newly elected Monarchs are crowned at the end of the event.

Victory Brunch

Victory Brunch is the Sunday afterwards. We invite guests to attend a buffet. The event is designed to be both comfortable as well as elegant. The stepping down Monarchs give out more awards to in-town and out-of-town guests. The newly elected Monarchs are given a chance to welcome their new Reign. They announce their reign theme, colors, and the theme and date of their stepping down Coronation. During Victory Brunch  the Emperor/Empress/Emprx of the reign also dub their new Prince/Princess/Princet Royal.

Coronation 48: A Night in the Snowy Renaissance, November 9th thru 12th 2023

Please join us in beautiful Colorado Springs for

Coronation 48: A Night in the Snowy Renaissance, November 9th thru 12th 2023


The host hotel is The Antlers Hotel and rooms in the block start at $145/night when you book under room block “UCPPE Coronation“. Coronation and Victory Brunch will take place at The Antlers Hotel. Hospitality will be open all weekend with complimentary food and drinks. (schedule TBA)

Click Here to Book Your Room!


November 9, 2023 – In Town Show

November 10, 2023 – Out of Town Show and Bus Tour at TBD (Price: $40)

November 11, 2023 – Coronation XLVIII: A Night in the Snowy Renaissance at the Antler’s Hotel (Price: $90 with dinner deadline is Nov. 3rd, $60 without dinner)

November 12, 2023 – Victory Brunch at The Antlers Hotel(Price: $35 with Food deadline is Nov. 3rd – $25 without food) Victory Shot Party and Show (free)

Early Bird Weekend Ticket Packages are $150 until September 30, 2023  (PR Ball) , thereafter the package will be $170.

Coronation Tickets

  • Coronation , Tickets

    Coronation 48 Absentee Remembrance Ticket

    If you can’t make the Coronation 48 Event, purchase an absentee remembrance ticket, special mention during walks, $50

  • Coronation , Tickets

    Coronation 48 Ball Ticket

    Coronation XLVIII
    Ticket includes the Coronation 48 Ball with dinner (must be purchased by November 3rd) on Saturday, November 11, 2023, door 5:00 PM, Ball at 6:00 PM.  Event is at the The Antlers Hotel In Colorado Springs, 4 South Cascade, Colorado Springs CO 80903

    Tickets will be picked up in the hospitality suite or at the door.  $90 suggested donation.

  • Coronation , Tickets

    Coronation 48 Ball Ticket no dinner included

    Admission to the Coronation 48 Ball without dinner included. Saturday November 11, 2022 doors at 5 pm event at 6 pm. at the Antlers Hotel, 4 South Cascade, Colorado Springs CO 80903 $60 suggested donation.

  • Sale!
    Coronation , Tickets

    Coronation Package Ticket

    $150 Coronation package good until September 30, 2023 (PR Ball).  Tickets available in Hospitality Suite or at the door of each event. Includes the Progressive Out of Town Bus Tour, the Coronation 48 Ball Ticket (with dinner) which includes after party hospitality and open bar, and the Victory Brunch ticket.  After September 30, 2023 the price is $170. No sales …

  • Coronation , Tickets

    Progressive Out of Town Show & Bar Tour Ticket

    Progressive out of town show and bar tour ticket. $40 suggested donation. Details to follow…


  • Coronation , Tickets

    Victory Brunch no meal

    Victory Brunch Sunday, November 12, 2023 at 11:00 AM at the Antlers Hotel, $25 suggested donation without meal.

  • Coronation , Tickets

    Victory Brunch Ticket

    Victory Brunch Sunday, November 12, 2023 at 11:00 AM at the Antlers Hotel, $35 suggested donation (meal deadline Nov 3rd) $25 suggested donation without meal.

Walks and Entrances

Individuals representing Courts, Businesses or Organizations are encouraged to walk. Groups with five (5) or more representatives are invited to do an entrance limited to a maximum of five (5) minutes. Performances are limited to seven (7) minutes. Appropriate formal or themed attire and regalia is requested for everyone on the stage for crowning ceremony. Appropriate content: no confetti, no glitter, nudity, open flames, live animals, bare breasts, or exposed buttocks.

Hospitality Suite

Hospitality plans to be announced shortly.


Out of Town Protocol will be accepted by the Vice-President in the Hospitality Suite. Businesses and Organizations, please type out and print your protocol to be placed in its own envelope. Hand this protocol to the Coronation Coordinator.

In-Town Protocol will be collected by the Vice President of the Board. on 8 ½ x 11 paper. Accepted from 10:00am—1:00pm. Protocol should be typed.
Please spell difficult words or names phonetically.  All Protocol can also be emailed to .

Coronation Program Ads

Program Ad Information will be available shortly…

Ads will not be printed until payment has been received.

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The Antler's Hotel

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The Antlers, A Wyndham Hotel

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