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UCPPE General Membership Meeting held 02-18-2024 at the Democratic Party Headquarters office 

Present:  Ed Sanders, PR 47 

Duane Thompson Emperor 11 

Jason Hicks PR 34,38 and 41 

Billy Gonzales PR48 

Emmanuel Sanchez pr 42 and empress 48 

Joseph Shelton Public Relations Chair 

Nona Capace Emperor 33 

Mesha Narie Fierce Empress 46 and President 

Sean Gooden Emperor 34 and Treasurer 

Don Lacey Emperor 22 

Rick Rhody PR 26 

Michael Robertson Emperor 48 

Matt Gomez Emperor 46 

Mark Grissom Empress 22 

Rick Brown/Sable Gordon Queen Mother 

Anthony Garcia PR 35 

Roy Merkle Emperor 35 

Hysteria Brooks Empress 47 

Susan Quilleshe 

MIss Deb PR 10 

Autumn Quinn Empress 44 & 45 

Michael Anderson 

Sean Andrews 

Water Xarix Emperor 41 

Steven Grantham Emperor 47 

sign in sheet for gen membr mtg 02-18-2024

Call to Order: Mesha at 2:05 pm 

President’s Report:  No Report 

Vice-President:  No Report 

Treasurer Report:  Sean reported a balance for the checking account of $21,025.28 regents account $4786.36 bingo account $400.00 Written report submitted 

Motion was made by Don to accept the treasury report, seconded by Susan, all were in favor of the motion. 

 Recording Secretary:  No Report 

Public Relations:  Joseph reminded about sponsorships and grants available. 

Membership Chair:  66 paid members currently. 

Reigning Monarchs report:  Michael and Alexis detailed upcoming events and recent shows.  Michael would like to see a lgbtq resources page on the website. 

State of the Regents:  Steven had no report. 

Nona Capace:  Nona advised the fraternal order of eagles has karaoke on Tuesdays and we should join them. 

Old Business:  The annual picnic location was discussed, at Memorial Park or Palmer park.  The games license has not been renewed yet. 

New Business:  The Vice-President presided over the election of President and Treasurer.  Results for election of President were Mesha winning by one vote.  Bobby Steinborn won the treasury position, both take effect March 1, 2024.  Michael Robertson made a proposal that all veterans walk with the businesses, motion by Sean Gooden and seconded by Water, all were in favor of the motion.  Sable requested a title be removed which was rejected by the membership. 

Community Comments:  Various comments were made by Community Members. 

Meeting Adjourned at 3:05 pm 




Ed Sanders

I am a Colorado Springs WebMaster and UCPPE Member offering my skills as webmaster to the public at my site at Prince Royal 47, and Recording Secretary for the Board of Advisors.


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