Meeting minutes BOA 12 Feb 2023

February 12, 2023 United Court Pikes Peak Empire Board of Advisors Present: Mesha Narie Fierce – President; Sean Andrews – Treasurer; Autumn Quinn – Membership Chair; Matt Gomez – Co-Council Regent; Steven Grantham – Emperor 47; Hysteria Brooks – Empress 47 Call to order: 11:05 am Mesha, President, presided the Read more…

boa meeting minutes

BOA Emergency Meeting Minutes 10-03-2022

The United Court of the Pikes Peak Empire
Board of Advisors Meeting Minutes
Call to order: 6:02 PM
In attendance:
Ed Sanders, Steven Grantham, Matt Gomez, Carroll Hillebrand, Joseph Shelton, Hysteria Brooks,
Sean Andrews, Autumn Quinn, Mesha Narie, Sable Gordon and Nic Grzecka.
Note: This was an emergency meeting called by the BOA to address an issue from
New Mexico Coronation.
-Advisor Hillebrand Left meeting at 6:05 pm
-Discussion on the issue.
-Discussion on the correspondence between the parties involved.
-Motion to remove Advisor from the BOA and send notification of trial in 30 days. Autumn Quinn
motioned. Mesha seconded the motion.
Yes: Advisors, Grzecka, Sanders, Grantham, Gomez, Brooks, Andrews, Quinn, Narie, and Gordon
NO: None
Abstention: Shelton
-Motion to assign Nic Grzecka as recording secretary for the remainder of Reign 46. Grantham
motioned, Quinn Seconded.
Yes: Advisors, Sanders, Grantham, Gomez, Brooks, Andrews, Quinn, Narie, and Gordon
NO: None
Abstention: Shelton, Grzecka
-Motion to remove Carroll Hillebrand and assign Sean Andrews as Treasurer effective 10/3/22 for the
remainder of Reign 46. Grantham motioned and Quinn Seconded.
Yes: Advisors, Grzecka, Sanders, Grantham, Gomez, Brooks, Quinn, Narie, and Gordon
NO: None
Abstention: Shelton, Andrews
Note: Hysteria Brooks turned $10.00 into Carroll for a campaign donation before the meeting and
Sable Gordon turned $308.25 into Carroll from the reign show during Albuquerque before the
Meeting Adjourned: 7:13 PM

denver monarchs

Congrats to Denver Court on Coronation 49

We send our congratulations to our mother court, Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire!
Congrats to Dowager Empress Emetrius 48 Cierra Mota LeCher and Dowager Emperor Emeritus 48 Jio on your successful reign as Emperor and Empress.
Congrats to the newly crowned monarchs, Empress 49 Jackie O and Regent Emperor 49 Alexander Sexton! We wish you nothing but luck to last the year through. If there is you need, please know that your daughter court is here to support you!

Update on Coronation 45

Good Evening Fellow Courtiers,
On behalf of the Board of Advisers this is an update on Coronation 45.
As we are now in the 5th month of the COVID-19 pandemic and with November’s quarantine situation being very uncertain, after much consideration the BOA has decided to post pone Coronation until 2021. This comes as a disappointment to us all.
However, this move will allow the current reign to reschedule its required state events when they can safely be held. The BOA to plan campaign session as well as put into place a plan of action for future reigns should they find themselves in this position in the future.
In the meantime, we are working closely with our host hotel and venue to ensure that all social distancing and safety concerns are observed as needed when Coronation is held. We will discuss further details with our council of regents during the annual Regents Meeting 09/13/2020 at Club Q.
Zoom will be available for all who wish to attend virtually.

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BOA updates 07-21-2020

As you may have seen on Facebook many issues within our community are coming to light. These issues are deeply concerning to all of us. In an effort to bridge the gap and try to mend the community the BOA and Club Q are partnering to present a series of educational workshops focusing on the issues impacting us all. The first of which is the Transgender Awareness workshop scheduled for next Tuesday night at Club Q. We have received several offers to present workshops form partner organizations as well as other courts. The complete list of courses that will be offered as well as virtual options, dates and times will be announced as soon as the schedule is solidified.