boa meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes 09-15-2021

BOA and Members present: Joseph Shelton – President; Adam Martinez – Vice President; Mesha Narie Fierce – Recording Secretary; Carroll Hillebrand – Treasurer; Sean Andrews – Public Relations; Nic Grzecka – Emperor 44,45; Autumn Quinn – Empress 44,45; Sable Gordon – Regent Co-Council; Ed Sanders – Membership Chair; Duane Thompson;

coronation 46 voting

Reign 46 Voting

The Board of Advisors invites all citizens of the Pikes Peak Region to come vote for the candidates running for Reign 46 monarch.

The candidates for monarchs are Prince Royal 44/45 Matt Gomez and Princess Royal 44/45 Mesha Narie Fierce.

August 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

August 21st 2019, United Court Pikes Peak Empire Board of Advisors meeting BOA present: Sean Gooden – President; Water Xaris – Vice President; Mesha Narie Fierce – Secretary; Dan Alexander – Treasurer; Candy Rose – Public Relations; Ed Sanders – Corresponding Secretary, Darryl Alexander – Membership Chair; Anka Shane – Read more…