August 8, 2023, United Court Pikes Peak Empire Board of Advisors
BOA and members present: Mesha Narie Fierce – President, Sean G. – Treasurer, Steven –
Emperor 47, Hysteria – Empress 47, Ed – Rec. Secretary, Roy – VP, Autumn Quinn –
Membership Chair
Call to order: 6:08pm; Mesha, President, presided the meeting.
President Report – No significant activities to report.
Vice President Report – No significant activities to report.
Recording Secretary Report – The website is currently due to a described database problem of
using too many resources and was expected to be back up shortly.
Treasurer Report – Sean Gooden reports $11,896 total in the accounts, with $1023 in the
hospitality account and $769 for the regency funds. Motion was made by Autumn to accept the
treasury report with a second by Steven. All were in favor of the motion.
Public Relations – Up coming shows at Laurabelle’s was discussed, and it was agreed that
Mesha would be contacting Candy to clarify our position there.
Membership Chair – Autumn reported 35 members are paid with their dues.
State of the Reign Report – Hysteria outlined her upcoming birthday show on August 25.
Steven will push for more ads to be sold and introduced the service called Zeffy for the treasurer
to check out the supposed no fee processing.
State of the Regent Report – The upcoming regents meeting 8/26 was discussed at mcc church
at 2 pm
Old Business – The status of our annual picnic was discussed and the need for a more suitable
location for the All Candidates Show. The status of the meeting held with Inside/Out Youth
Services and the upcoming GAYLA event on August 12. Also we are back in receipt from club q
our bingo equipment.
New Business – Discussion was made of the vice president’s protocol duties. New Mexico
coronation tickets have been taken care of. The topic of travel funds available was discussed as
well as a discussion of number of guests for brunch, the number of buses needed. The subject of
wristbands was discussed and Steven is to email about that. Programs with a quantity of 125-150
was suggested through Matt’s connections. The quantity of pins to be ordered was discussed and
the script is to be sent to the monarchs for their magic. A limiting of 4 minute numbers for
anniversary monarchs was considered. September 6 at mcc church, 1102 South 21
Street was
chosen for the next board meeting at 5 pm, with candidate review following the regular meeting.
Community Comments –Community comments were made by Hysteria and Roy.
With no further discussion, next meeting is set for September 6, 2023 at MCC Church at 5:00
pm. The meeting was adjourned at 8:19 pm.
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