April 3rd 2023, United Court Pikes Peak Empire Board of Advisors

BOA and members present: Mesha Narie Fierce – President; Sean Andrews – Treasurer; Sean Gooden – Public Relations; Autumn Quinn – Membership Chair; Matt Gomez – Council Regent; Steven Grantham – Emperor 47; Hysteria Brooks – Empress 47

Call to order: 6:11pm; Mesha, President, presided the meeting.

President Report – Nothing significant to report.

Vice President Report – Excused.

Recording Secretary Report – Vacant

Treasurer Report – Sean discussed the funds in current accounts. Sean G motioned to accept the financial report, Steven second. Motion passed.

Public Relations – Sean G discussed plans for creating flyers for upcoming events. He will be collecting protocol for ICRME Coronation and Black and White Ball in the Vice President absence.

Membership Chair – Autumn has updated the membership list and notified those that have removed themselves from the notification list. We currently have 58 paid members, and 9 starting 1 May, as annual membership dues are every May. Plans for membership drive to be announced.

Committee Report – No significant activities to report.

State of the Reign Report – Hysteria discussed previous travels and upcoming ones. Winter Cotillion was a success.

State of the Regents Report – No significant activities to report.

Old Business – UCPPE will be volunteering to help with Southern Colorado Prides, anyone available to assist may contact the President and/or any member of the BOA for details. Plans for a Resiliency Center to be announced. $100.00 was donated to the Colorado Leatherfest.

New Business – Mesha has reserved a space at the Memorial Park July 23rd for the Special meeting to approve lifetime titles to the 5 fallen heroes. This will also be the start of the UCPPE annual picnic. Free admission. Discussion of newsletter to be updated. Discussion of venue for Coronation and host hotel. The Monarchs and a few BOA visited a couple potential venues. Autumn motioned to approve Antlers as the host hotel and the Ball room Coronation, Matt second, discussion held, motion passed. Autumn Motioned to approve the $500 deposit to secure the Hotel, Matt second, motion passed. Sean A submitted a resignation from Treasurer. Steven motioned to accept his resignation with a gracious pardon, Matt 2nd, discussion held, motion passed. We are in dangerous need of a Secretary and Treasurer in order to maintain good standing with the state of Colorado as a 501c3. We need willing and able members to assist with keeping this organization afloat.

With no further discussion, next meeting is set for May 1, 2023 at Engels & Volkers conference room at 6:00pm.


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