Congratulations to our new Line of Succession for Reign XLI:

Princess Royal Ramiyah Devereaux, The Exalting Spirit of Positivity and Laughter
Prince Royal Chris Morgan, The Lascivious Guardian of Fun and Frolic

Grand Duchess Antoinette Lilly, The Pertinacious Spirit of Compassion and Selflessness
Grand Duke Charlie Fox, The Lupine Guardian of Leather and Games

Grand Marquise Dillon Jordan, The Delightful Spirit of Empathy and Patience
Grand Marquis Nic Grzecka, The Generous Guardian of Hope and Fulfillment

Grand Czarina Susan Quilleash Murphy MacEntire, The Frolicsome Spirit of Poise and Prose
Grand Czar David Kuklin, The Fierce Guardian of the Hunt and Furries

Duchess Eileen Healy, The Effervescent Spirit of Elegance and Philanthropy
Duke Tony Matthews, The Debonair Guardian of Chivalry and Procurement

Vicereine Kyrah Jordan, The Glamorous Spirit of Unity and Entertainment
Viceroy Dante Inferno, The Melodious Guardian of Illusion and Muse

Marquise Anita Cocktail, The Serene Spirit of Beauty and Beneficence
Marquis William St. Pierre, The Vigilant Guardian of Modesty and Propriety

Countess Alexis Carrera, The Resplendent Spirit of Inspiration and Graciousness
Count Rhyder J. Devereaux, The Courageous Guardian of Evolution and Masculinity

Viscountess Tabethia Gooden Ashley, The Tenderhearted Spirit of Solidarity and Loyalty
Viscount Collin Gregory, The Convivial Guardian of Affirmation and Healing

Baron Darryl Alexander, The Gregarious Spirit of Mirth and Merriment
Baron Dan Alexander, The Beloved Guardian of Rebirth and Dedication

Baronetess Willow West, The Enlightened Spirit of Tolerance and Diversity
Baronet Leo Inferno, The Feline Guardian of Legacy and Promise

Crown Prince Alexander Geber, The Dependable Guardian of Devotion and Otaku

Sharon Henson, The Lovable Guardian of Wisdom and Art
Zeus Devereaux, The Leather Guardian of Kink and Pups

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