February 22nd 2021United Court Pikes Peak Empire General Membership meeting 

Members present: 15 in-person, 2 virtual 

Call to order: 1:02pmAdam Martinez, Vice President, presided the meeting. 

Election Results – No elections held 

Treasurer’s Report – Carroll Hillebrand presented the financial status. Emphasized the lack of funds remaining for the Storage. Archie Neil motioned to accept the report, Sean Andrews second. After discussion, all were in favor, motion passed. 

State of the Reign Report – Nic and Autumn discussed the recent events as well as upcoming events.    

State of the Regents Report – Sable Gordon discussed potential fundraising activities. May 8, 2021 will be the Black and White Ball held at Club Q. 5th Fridays are dedicated to Regents to host a show at Club Q.   

Old Business – Anthony Merkle presented a motion to accept the By Law change that was previously submitted and never added to the By Laws (Section 9.03, Suggested Wording. Prev submitted February 8, 2015), Nic Grzecka second, motion passed.  

New Business – Discussion of the By Laws changes. Anthony Merkle motioned a By Law change to the verbiage in Section’s 6.02 Number, Tenure, and Qualifications; Section 5.01 Annual Meetings; Section 6.06 Vacancies. Policy Manual’s Section 1:01 Elections and the Selection Process. Sean Gooden second, after discussion, 14 in favor, none against, and 1 abstain. Nic Grzecka motioned on behalf of Water Xaris’s absence to change the By Law Article V Section 5.08 Virtual Voting, and Policy 4 Voting outlined in Section 5.08. Autumn Quinn second, after discussion, 14 in favor, none against, and 1 abstain. Nic motioned, on behalf of Water Xaris absence, to update and clearly outline the benefits of UCPPE membership Article IV Section 4.08 Dues. Duane Thompson second, after discussion, 13 in favor, none against, 1 abstain.  

A letter of resignation was presented to all members present in-person from Water Xaris, from the position of President.    

Adam Martinez discussed the vacancies of President and Co-Council Regent. 

With no further business to discuss, nexGeneral Membership meeting will be announced at its annual time. 

Meeting adjourned at 1:43pm. 

Ed Sanders

I am a Colorado Springs WebMaster and UCPPE Member offering my skills as webmaster to the public at my site at Prince Royal 47, and Recording Secretary for the Board of Advisors.


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