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Emperor Gino Riddle
Empress Lily Langtree
Prince Royal John Stewart
Princess Royal Dana Wortinger


LET IT BE KNOWN, throughout the Empire of Southern Colorado, that after the Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire decreed that the Sub-Court of Southern Colorado would become a full and independent Empire in 1978, This becoming [sic] the Imperial Court of Southern Colorado.

THAT THE FIRST ELECTED Monarchs were sworn in as Emperor and Empress III, since the Southern Court had already existed for two years prior to their appointment, and that during the two previous years there was no appointed Prince and Princess Royals because the Heads of State prior to the Third Reign were titled Count and Countess.

THAT THIS DID cause the Prince and Princess Royals appointed by Emperor and Empress III to be dubbed Prince and Princess I of the Imperial Court of Southern Colorado, and that this created confusion within the line of succession of Southern Colorado.

THEREFORE, FROM THIS DAY FORWARD, June —, 1980, That the Numerical order all Past, Present, and Future Reigning Prince and Princess Royals shall run concurrently with that of their Reigning Emperor and Empress. Thus the line of succession will be Prince Royal IV to Emperor IV and Princess Royal IV to Empress IV and so forth.

So it be Spoken,

So it be Done,

By the Power invested in me,

The Silver Dove Empress,

Empress IV, Lilly


In keeping with the tradition of the past reign, The Court of the Stag and Doe, I am to present the Humanitarian Award as was designated from the proclamation made last year by Empress III Roxie.

A Man For All Seasons. I have known this gentleman since Nineteen Seventy Two when I first arrived in Colorado Springs. He is not one to gather Awards or Certificates for his own benefit, ego or profit. He is always there to help, if asked and yet he does not ask for any special recognition for his endeavors. He keeps a low profile and he stays away from the limelight. He is sincere. He is honest. He is truely [sic] a friend.

He is a Man For All Seasons.

This years the Humanitarian Award goes to Jim Watson.

So it be Spoken,

So it be Done,

By the Power invested in me,

The Silver Dove Empress,

Empress IV, Lilly

Coronation 1980
Empress IV Lilly
21 June 1980

Council of Regents

emperor geno riddleempress lily langtreeprince royal john stewartprincess royal dana wortingerreign 4ucppeunited court of the pikes peak empire

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