Reign XLIV

Reign 44 Investitures

The 44th Line of Succession

Matt Gomez

Prince Royal 44

Carroll Hillebrand

Emperor Advisor

Mesha Narie Fierce

Princess Royal 44

R.C. LaVera Michaels

Empress Advisor

Draken Rogers

Grande Duke 44

Lucy Roxia

Grand Duchess 44

ed sanders

Ed Sanders

Grand Zar 44

Gemini Skye

Grand Zarina 44

William V. St. Pierre

Grand Marquis 44


Grand Marquise 44

Dante Inferno-Martinez

Count 44

Anita Margarita

Countess 44

Izzy Stardust

Vis Count 44

crown princess 45


Vis Countess 44

joseph shelton president

Joseph Shelton

Duke 44

Nan VanDamn

Duchess 44


Position Open

Zar 44

Penn Cillan

Zarina 44

crown prince 45

Daniel Martz

Crown Prince 44

Wednesday Shayne

Baroness 44

Crown Princess

Emperor 44 Brotherhood:

Wateer Xaris

Michael E Cornejo

Ralph Chapman

Empress 44 Sisterhood:

Nona Capace

Ladycat LaVera De’Ore


Performer for the Emperor:

Chris Todd

John Cox

Performer for the Empress:

Porsha Demarco Douglas

Sara Bellum

Reign 44 Contact Form

Ed Sanders

I am a Colorado Springs WebMaster and UCPPE Member offering my skills as webmaster to the public at my site at Prince Royal 47, and Recording Secretary for the Board of Advisors.


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