boa meeting minutes

board of advisors meeting August 15 2020

August 15th 2020, United Court Pikes Peak Empire Board of Advisors meeting 

BOA and members present: Water Xaris – President; Adam Martinez – Vice President; Mesha Narie Fierce – Recording Secretary; Carroll Hillebrand – Treasurer; Sean Andrews – Public Relations; Nic Grzecka – Emperor 44;Autumn Quinn – Empress 44 Sable Gordon – Co-Regent Counsel; Ed Sanders – Web Master 

boa meeting minutes

April 19 2020 BOA Meeting Minutes

April 16th 2020, United Court Pikes Peak Empire Board of Advisors meeting (Virtual)
BOA and members present: Water Xaris – President; Vice President – Adam Martinez; Mesha Narie Fierce – Recording Secretary; Carroll Hillebrand – Treasurer; Sean Andrews – Public Relations; Member at Large – Lauren Ashley; Empress 44; Nic Grzecka – Emperor 44
Call to order: 12:15pm; Water Xaris, President, presided the meeting.
President Report- No significant activity to report
Vice President Report – N/A
Secretary Report – No significant activity to report
Treasurer Report – Carroll presented details on finances and the checks and balances. Nic motioned to accept report, Sean second, with 5 in favor, 1 abstention, motion passed.
Committee Report – No significant activities to report.
State of the Reign Report – Nic discussed past events. Upcoming events are to be announced with details as the event approaches due to the COVID-19. Ideas and plans for a Drive thru BBQ are forthcoming. Nic motioned to allocate up to $1000.00 for care packages – COVID-19 Care Kit Readiness, that will have essential needs and a committee of volunteers to put together and handout by May 3rd, Sean second, discussion held, with all in favor, motion passed.
State of the Regents Report – No member present to report.
Old Business – Discussion of the vacancy for Vice-President, Adam Martinez (Connie) was interviewed for the position. After interview, Adam was nominated for candidacy for Vice President. With 6 in favor, 1 abstention, Adam Martinez was voted for the position of Vice President.
New Business – No business to discuss
With no further business to discuss, next Virtual BOA meeting is set for May 17th, at 12:00pm. Link to virtual meeting will be announced.
Meeting adjourned at 1:34pm.