the best of the worst pr ball

The Best Of The Worst

Prince Royal 45 Matt Gomez and Princess Royal 45 Mesha Narie Fierce cordially invite you to join them on August 14 at Club Q for PR Ball. A night honoring the work and dedication of our current PR’s.
At this event, we will also be announcing our candidates for the Reign XLVI monarchs. You don’t want to miss this!!

Wine Tasting with Princess Royal 44

In the best interest in helping to raise money for the UCPPE Reign 44, I
would like to invite you to an extravagant Wine Tasting at my home. There is
a $10 admission per person. There will be free snacks, lots of wine choices
to taste, $1 raffle tickets with wonderful prizes. If you would like to
donate items to raffle off, or would like to donate snacks, please contact
myself so that we may make arrangements. Feel free to bring your own wine
glass, otherwise there will be plenty of “classy” cups to go around. Park
where you can. It’s going to be a bit of a tight fit, so dress comfortably.
Also, for those that like to mingle in the great outdoors, there is plenty
of space in the backyard, so bring a jacket or blanket. Let’s have an
enjoyable time, kick back and remember, always keep that pinky finger
extended when taking a sip!!