May 1st 2023, United Court Pikes Peak Empire Board of Advisors

BOA and members present: Mesha Narie Fierce – President; Roy Merkle – Vice President;
Sean Gooden – Public Relations; Autumn Quinn – Membership Chair; Matt Gomez – Council
Regent; Steven Grantham – Emperor 47; Hysteria Brooks – Empress 47; Sable Gordon – Queen
Mother; Ed Sanders – Prince Royal; Sean Andrews – Member; Del Lusional – Member

Call to order: 6:14pm; Mesha, President, presided the meeting.

President Report – Mesha discussed events being held at Club Q when they reopen will be on
hold until further notice. As of now, no functions with the name UCPPE will be held at Club Q.
Our bingo equipment needs to be picked up from Club Q. Read a letter from NY Court President
on a check that was sent for Club Q victims, made out to Bread and Roses.
Vice President Report – No significant activities to report.

Recording Secretary Report – Vacant

Treasurer Report – Vacant

Public Relations – Sean discussed plans for creating a trifold to take on trips and visits to
promote Coronation. Discussed a newsletter and the input from the Monarch’s and key

Membership Chair – Autumn discussed ideas for a membership drive event to be held May
29th, details to follow. Renewal for membership is this month.

Committee Report – Kitty Litter will be heading the idea of a float for Pridefest in Colorado
Springs. There will be a committee that will get together on ideas to man a booth for upcoming
Pride festivals as a means to raise money.

State of the Reign Report – Hysteria and Steven discussed previous travels and upcoming ones.
There will be a community Resilience Center expected to open 1 June.

State of the Regent Report – No significant activities to report.

Old Business – The first annual UCPPE picnic will be July 23rd with a Special General
Membership meeting before starting at 11am. This meeting is intended to decide on unique
lifetime titles for the 5 fallen heroes. Following will begin the kickoff of the first UCPPE Annual
Picnic, this is intended to be relaxed and having fun. More details to come. For the purpose of
the website usage, we have moved from Dreamhost to Hostarmada for faster and better quality

New Business – Discussion of prices for Coronation tickets and packets was held. Details of
prices for the weekend are available online. Ed Sanders volunteered to take on the Recording
Secretary role, Steven motioned to accept Ed Sanders as the new Recording Secretary, Matt
second, discussion was held, all were in favor, motion passed. Candidate applications are
available and turn in along with interview will be September 11.

With no further discussion, next meeting is set for June 5, 2023 at Colorado Military Academy at

Ed Sanders

I am a Colorado Springs WebMaster and UCPPE Member offering my skills as webmaster to the public at my site at I am currently Prince Royal 47, and volunteer to do this website.


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